KBB PC-17 Core Fighter (Ko Upgrade for CW Ultra Magnus)

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    While the Siege Ultra Magnus is an amazing figure and an excellent homage to the g1 toy (in robot mode) and RiD (in vehicle mode) there is an argument to be made regarding the CW leader iteration and his resemblance to the animation, to add to that resemblance we have the Perfect Effect PC-17 set, BUT even that has since been given the knock off treatment by Ku Bian Bao, so, just what does the upgrade add to Magnus and how well does it compare to the original? That's exactly what I intended to find out for myself!
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    Although Siege UM is my definitive reiteration of the character over the CW version due to him being an armor up and his robot mode is more G1. I fully agreed Siege UM alt.mode is a let down when it comes to G1 accuracy. In my justification, since 99.99% of the time all my TF figures are displayed in robot mode, I was able to overcome the Siege UM alt.mode not being G1 enough. Despite so, RID UM alt.mode is one bada$$/coolest car carrier in it's own entity which I dearly love till these days.

    I will definitely be picking up the KO Core Fighter over PC17 since the QC is so subtle. My biggest beef is still the gray hand and gray knee cap so getting the cheaper KO and not the expensive PC17 makes sense for me.

    For the armor up UM robot mode, agreed that the KO/PC17 chestplate looks better than the stock CW chest plate. In addition, I will also need to purchase a G1 UM missile launcher style to make the CW UM mold more G1. My MISB Autobot Heroes Platinum UM whom I purchased due to blue waist/white thigh over the CW/Legend red thigh UM version is still waiting for his white Core Magnus, lol.