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    I know that Red Leader has his own feedback thread, but even though he is the owner of Kapow! Toys, that thread seemed more appropriate for personal transactions, not a reflection of the business as a whole. I also didn't see a separate thread JUST for Kapow! Toys, so I created this one. Anywho, off to the feedback...

    On July 4th, I preordered Takara DOTM Jetwing Optimus Prime from Kapow Toys and paid via paypal. On July 20th, I received email notification that it had shipped. On August 2nd (13 days after I received the shipping notification), I still hadn't received it so I emailed customer service. They responded promptly and said:

    "It usually takes around 7-10 working days for an item to be delivered to a
    US address using Royal Mail International Signed For service. However it
    can sometimes take longer due to customs clearance. I will check our
    dispatch records later today and see if I can find a tracking number for

    Fair enough. However, six days later on August 8th, I still had no package so I contacted customer service again and asked if they were successful in locating a tracking number. I received no response. At that point, I contacted Andy (the owner, Red Leader on the boards) and explained the situation to him. On August 11th, he replied that due to the size of the boxes, there was no tracking number included with them and they should arrive via UPS or FedEx. On August 15th, I still hadn't received anything. I checked the original date of purchase at Paypal and saw that I only had 45 days to open a case in the resolution center, and once a case has been opened for three weeks, then at that point a refund will be issued. August 15th was Day 45, so I went ahead and opened a case, thinking that it would buy me another three weeks for the package to arrive and at that time if it hadn't, I could still get a refund.

    At that point, Andy sends me a message saying: "I already told you how it had shipped so I guess paypal will push through a refund for you :(  "

    Perhaps I took it the wrong way, but I got the impression that he thought I was trying to get the package AND get a paypal refund. I sent him a message back, saying that the only reason I did it was because of the 45-day window and I was only buying another three weeks to keep my options open. I didn't "want" a refund, I wanted my package. I never got a reply.

    On August 17th, I get an email from Kapow! Toys (an email that was sent to all customers) stating changes to their customer service & shipping policies. Among the changes:

    - "Once an order has been marked as 'shipped' a tracking number for that order will be sent to the customer after 3pm on the day of the order being dispatched."

    - "Non UK orders should reach their destinations within 5 to 10 working days (Monday to Friday) of the order being dispatched. The non arrival of non UK Mail will be investigated by the carrier 20 working days after the date of posting."

    That same day, I contacted Andy and asked him if there is any way to research what happened to my shipment since it had been 20 business days since it shipped. I received no response.

    Then on August 18th, I received an email from Paypal stating that my case in the resolution center has been closed. I checked the case and Andy/Kapow's response, and one sentence in particular drew my interest: "The item should arrive with you via UPS or Fedex whoever picks up parcelforce deliveries your end, I'm passing you the refund and trust you will reimburse upon arrival. This is the only one out of 3 which hasnt turned up to US based customers."

    Perhaps I'm simply reading into things, but to me this seems to imply that I am trying to rip him off. "I...trust that you will reimburse upon arrival. This is the only one that hasn't turned up". Number one, I know for a fact that I am not the only U.S. based customer that hasn't received a Jetwing Prime order. I won't name the person (if they wish to post feedback here, feel free), but as of August 23rd they hadn't received theirs, either. Number two, I could have gotten this figure MUCH cheaper through BBTS since I am a U.S. based customer (it would have saved me about $50-60 total). However, I wanted to throw Kapow! some business. Check my record at BBTS, I've spent well into four-figures in the last 8 months. Check most of the people in Radicons and ProCustomizers that I buy customs from. Check my feedback here. I don't rip people off.

    So, here we are on August 25th. As of yesterday (the 24th), I still have not received the package I ordered (34 days later, or 25 business days). Bottom line, I did receive my refund from Kapow! Toys and for that I thank them. However their customer service (at least at the top level, the initial CS rep named Charlotte seemed nice) leaves much to be desired.
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