Just got FansProject sets + Flameblast & Warcry

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    Awesome, awesome figures. Worth every penny. :) 

    Although, while reading the biocard for the white space shuttle 'Flameblast', I noticed this:

    "Dialysis: we believe the emotional problem is the after effect from the combination tech as the tech is still immature at the moment. The symptoms were further aggravated. however as long as the patient is able to carry out his duty and provides valuable experimental result, we do not recommend any treatment that may lower the productivity."

    I laughed a bit, at the use of "Dialysis", instead of "prognosis", or maybe "analysis".

    'Dialysis' is the name of a process of removing waste, and works in the context of the specs card... you can tell someone was using an English dictionary to pull out science-sounding words. As an ESL teacher, I see alot of this -- just funny to see it in my toys too. ^_^

    It works in the context, but in common usage, most people know Dialysis as something those with kidney problems need to do to filter their blood.


    Who knows, maybe a side effect of the Gestalt process is Renal failure? ;) 

    Anyway, awesome figures. I was worried about the plastic quality initially (as my only 'fansproject' piece before this was a FP KO (from kotoys.com), and that broke when I took it out of the box. Not so here - sturdy, awesome stuff. :) 

    Now, to wait until my other Bruticus Maximus pieces arrive so I can "combine to form". :D