By Generation: Junkion's Handlebars Fix: Prevent the Breakage!

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    Hi! If your're like me and don't want to break your Junkion's handlebar, than i have the fix for you! All you need is your Junkion and an X-Aacto knife.


    Here's the rundown:

    Basically there is a little nub that prevents the handlebar to move when in bike mode. This little nub is the what causes stress to the plastic and eventually breaks the handlebar. So, cut it off so we can manually transform the handlebar part while the Automorph does the rest. So here is what the nub should look like:


    Here's what it looks like on Wreck Gar:


    Just take your X-Aacto knife and cut away!


    Just like that you are done! This is what it should look like after[wards]:



    Hope this helps! Now your Junkion is stress free!

    Side note: Hasbro tried to fix this. I noticed the nub was bigger on Wreck-gar than Junkheap, so I guess they tried to relieve stress on the plastic.

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    (As the discussion progressed, there are some others who contributed as well. Those contributions can be found below here. I hope they're of added help to you! ~Superquad7)

    Nemesis251 posts: "I can ride my bike with no handlebars. No handlebars. No handlebars.

    Seriously, the spot where the handlebars are screwed on are prone to break because of the rubber nipple thats on the end of the handles to catch in place when transforming. I broke 3 Wreck-Gars this way. Trim off the nipple.

    Excuse crappy phone pic:

    Bountyan posts: "It isn't the handlebar itself that breaks, it's the piece it's on that breaks, like this:


    . . . .or this:


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