Junk Pit (G1-Present): Cheap Junkers, Parts, Weapons, and Kitbashing Fodder

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What's your primary method of payment when buying in the Junkion Exchange?

  1. PayPal

  2. Venmo

  3. Cash App

  4. Money Order

  5. Cash

  6. Check

  7. Non-Monetary (Trades)

  8. Other

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    • I’m a longtime member of TFW2005 and have a wealth of positive B/S/T feedback dating back to December 2007, which can be viewed here;
    • If you'd like to propose a trade, I have a wants list, which can be accessed here;
    • Please send me a PM in lieu of posting a comment to help keep this thread clean (all posted comments will be reported for removal);
    • All items that are actively for sale will be listed in this post along with their corresponding prices, photos, and descriptions (if it’s not listed in this post, then it’s no longer for sale);
    • All prices are in U.S. Dollars;
    • All prices are negotiable, so please feel free to make counteroffers;
    • U.S. S&H is generally fixed into the price for small, medium, and some larger sized items (if the item is especially large and expensive to ship, there will be a separate S&H charge);
    • International S&H is also offered, but will be at the buyer’s expense (PM for quote);
    • I’m willing to put items on hold, but all holds will require a 50% deposit (this deposit is completely refundable);
    • Sales (for a limited time only) are color coded blue;
    • If more than 1 item is purchased, a discount of $10 will be awarded for each additional purchase (this offer is stackable with other sales items);
    • From time to time, FREE items will be offered for making an existing purchase (buyer must claim said items at time of purchase in order to receive them) - if you don’t claim them, then it’s assumed you’re not interested;
    • PayPal is my preferred method of payment, but I also accept Venmo, Cash App, and Zelle (however, I DO NOT accept personal checks, money orders, or mailed cash).


    [*Note on Condition:]
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