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    First things first, I'm a member of the board but have primarily been a lurker for many years. Anyway, I have too much stuff and need to sell some items primarily for space. I haven't decided if I'm going to just go this route or put stuff on ebay. I've bought stuff off of ebay, but never sold. My feedback rating is 100% with about 54 transactions over the years.

    My preference would be to get payment through paypal, but I would accept checks or money orders on the condition that payment has to clear before I ship the item.

    I can ship out either through USPS or UPS.

    Final note, all the items are at my parent's house and I'm not there on a regular basis so it may take a few weeks to work out a transaction.

    On to the list - I may add more items over time. Also, I won't have pictures right away.

    Galaxy Force - Takara Versions

    Megalo Convoy - MISB
    Flame Convoy - MISB
    Live Convoy - MISB
    Nitro Convoy - MISB
    Vector Prime - MISB


    Dark Scorponok - MISB

    Binaltech / Alternators

    Binaltech Silverstreak - MISB
    Alternators Swerve - MISB
    Alternators Rodimus SDCC - MISB
    Alternators Nemsis Prime SDCC - MISB


    Unicron Black Repaint - MISB
    Grimlock and Swoop - MISB

    TF Movie 07

    Optimus Prime - MISB
    Ultimate Bumblebee - MISB
    FAB Frenzy - MOSC


    Starscream - Green Version - MISB
    *Note the box is dented. What happened was that it was stacked wrong and got dented though as far as I can tell the figure inside should be fine.

    Skywarp - Takara - MISB


    Soundwave SDCC - MISB


    E-hobby Black Robotmasters Set of 4 - MISB

    Beast Wars - Takara

    Anniversary Primal and Megatron Set - MISB

    RID Landfill Set - Yellow Version - MISB
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    PM sent regarding SDCC Soundwave