Joe's looking for an R-10 MMC Salvia Prominon!

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    Hey, so I'm looking for a R-10 Mastermind Creations Salvia Prominon that isn't $200 on the aftermarket. Since this figure originally went for $60 new, I'd be willing to go for $70-$80 used and in good, complete condition. However, I'm open to negotiation. If the figure is new, I would still be willing to negotiate, but not if the price difference is extreme (as I'd open the figure either way). I am only willing to pay via Paypal. I will not use any other form of payment.

    Please do note that I will most likely only buy from users with completely positive feedback in the "JUNKION EXCHANGE FEEDBACK" thread category.

    This is the figure, if anyone is in need of visuals:
    The figure must be in near-mint condition and complete with all accessories. If the box, instructions, and card are included, that would be nice, but I am looking more so for the figure itself.

    If you are willing to sell me this figure, please send me a private message on this website.
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