Joe Quesada Returns to The Colbert Report January 29

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    On Tuesday, January 29, Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada checks back in on the man currently holding the mantle of Captain America...Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert.

    Colbert can't seem to get enough of our very own Joe Q. During his previous appearance on the show (July 27, 2006), Quesada shocked Colbert with the news that Captain America would not support the U.S. government in the super hero Civil War.

    What's on the agenda for the powerhouse duo this time around? The new Captain America (debuting in this week's CAPTAIN AMERICA #34)? The dearth of bears in Marvel comics?

    It's anyone's guess at this point, but we're hopeful Colbert & Quesada will get to the bottom of at least one question: Was Colbert's bid for the White House some sort of Skrully conspiracy or simply an unfortunate failed attempt at bringing truthiness back to the Presidency?

    Find out when Joe Quesada returns to "The Colbert Report," Tuesday January 29, 2008 at 11:30 p.m. EST on Comedy Central! And be sure to check out our recap of Quesada's last trip to the Colbert Report!



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    Captain America was a Skrull?
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    Back after the Heroes Reborn nonsense, issue 6 of his new series had Cap as a skrull for a cover. Series was so awful I can't remember if he was one or not though...
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    Hopefully Colbert'll rip Joe a new one for "One More Day."

    Probably not, but a guy can hope. :/
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    Colbert will probably give him hell about giving him Cap's shield, only for Bucky to become the new Captain America.

    And yeah, I'd love to see him blast him on "One More Day." The fact that Spidey made a deal with Mephisto (ostensibly Satan, as far as some are concerned) will be fodder enough for the Greatest Living American Hero. Colbert is gonna take Joephisto down!
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    It's too bad Colbert can't be funny or witty right now as his talent (writers) are on strike.
  7. tusko

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    I watched and wasn't too impressed.

    Colbert lost control and let Quesada lead the discussion.
  8. Spider Striker

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    About what you'd expect, though I couldn't couldn't enjoy it because I hate Quasada now.

    I will admit that I want that Colbert/Iron Man '08 bumper sticker.
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    Didn't the writers strike not affect cable networks, seeing as how there's new episodes of cable tv shows?
  10. TheIncredibleHulk

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    He must have been on at the beginning. Only guy I saw on there was Alex Ross, but it sure as hell wasn't the artist.

    Watched the rerun of it today. I think it would be funny as hell to see Colbert as president in the MU. But I wouldn't be surprised if Quesada makes himself president.
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    Yea, it was near the beginning of the show, they have the video on CBR and Newsarama, but they are direct from Comedy Central, so it wont play for Canadians. They have it up on The Comedy Network on the front page on the left "The Colbert Report (01/29/08) Clip 1 of 4", just skip ahead to about 4:20

    Transcript up on Wizard

    STEPHEN COLBERT: Everybody knows who follows the news that last year I already got my second career. When Steve Rogers, Captain America, died, he bequeathed to me in his will his solid vibranium shield, making me the next Captain America. And guess what, folks. Yesterday, in the Daily News, it was announced: Captain America lives again! That can only mean one thing ladies and gentlemen; it’s time for me to go. Now folks, we’ve had a lot of fun with this show over the last two and a half years and it’s been an honor to serve you and together we have changed the world, but I’ve heard the call. Ladies and gentlemen, here to, I assume, give me my new assignment as Captain America, is the Editor-in-Chief of Marvel Comics and friend to the show, Joe Quesada. Joe, thank you so much for joining us. (handshake and audience applause.) Now Joe, I gotta say, this…this is incredibly exciting news. When does the new issue hit the stands?

    JOE QUESADA: The new issue hits tomorrow.

    SC: Ok, do we have that Jimmy? Do we have the cover? (Shot of Captain America #34 on screen) There I am! (Audience applause) Wow, that, that really kinda looks like me.

    JQ: Stephen, I’ve got some bad news.

    SC: What…what’s that?

    JQ: Um, there is a new Captain America, but it’s not going to be you.

    SC: What?!?!?

    JQ: Sorry. Sorry. (Audience boos.) Bucky Barnes, Steve’s old sidekick…

    SC: Bucky Barnes? He’s a kid! (Audience laughter)

    JQ: He’s got tenure, Steve. He’s got tenure. He’s been there for over 60 years.

    SC: Bucky Barnes? But you gave me the shield! Captain America picked me because I have red, white and blue balls! (Audience laughter) C’mon. You said I was now a part of the Marvel universe.

    JQ: Stephen, despite your red, white and blue balls, you can, you can keep the shield. You can. Steve did bequeath that to you, and besides, you’ve got your presidential campaign, right?

    SC: My presidential campaign’s over. They knocked me off the ballot.

    JQ: Not in the Marvel universe, Steve. You’re still running for President in the Marvel Universe

    SC: What? What?

    JQ: Yeah, you’re one of our candidates.

    SC: In the Marvel Universe I’m still a presidential candidate?

    JQ: In the Marvel Universe you are…you are a major presidential candidate. (Audience applause and laughter as Brand New Day cover comes up on screen.)

    SC: Wait, what is that?

    JQ: That’s a piece of art from one of our…look at that (zoom in to “Colbert ’08 and so can you!” Billboard in background art)

    SC: Holy cow!

    JQ: Look at that.

    SC: “Colbert ’08 and so can you.” I’m still in the running?

    JQ: You’re still in the running.

    SC: How am I…How am I doing in the Marvel Universe?

    JQ: Stephen, you are polling incredibly high among superhumans and mutants.

    SC: What about a running mate? Do I need one?

    JQ: Yeah, actually you really need a good running mate, I gotta tell ya. So we have a couple of choices for ya. Actually, there are a few bumper stickers there (Colbert pulls out some large placards from behind desk.) You know we got a Colbert/Iron Man ticket, is pretty good. (Colbert displays Colbert/Iron Man ’08 placard. Audience applause.)

    SC: Oh wow. But you know what, Tony Stark…

    JQ: Tony Stark…

    SC: Tony Stark, he’s a billionaire industrialist.

    JQ: Yes, he is.

    SC: That’s more credit than Romney (audience laughter).

    JQ: I got somebody better for ya. I got somebody better for ya, a stronger running mate for ya. Colbert/Hulk. (Colbert displays Colbert/Hulk ’08 placard. Audience applause.)

    SC: That is an unstoppable ticket. You know what? I have a great campaign slogan.

    JQ: Yeah, what do you have?

    SC: Colbert Smash.

    JQ: Amazing (audience laughter). Look at that. It writes itself.

    SC: It better write itself, because I don’t have any writers (audience laughter).

    JQ: I’ve noticed (audience laughter). But Stephen, I’ve got an even better one for ya. I got one that’s gonna put you right over the top, right over the top. Check that one out. What do ya think? What do ya think? (Colbert displays Colbert/Quesada ’08 placard). Colbert/Quesada. What do ya think?

    SC: I gotta say, if you are running for president in the Marvel Universe, having the Editor-in-Chief of Marvel Comics as your running mate does fill out the ticket pretty well.

    JQ: It does. It does, Stephen.

    SC: Ok, well if we’re running for president together Joe, what are some of the issues we need to think about?

    JQ: Well, there’s a major issue that I need to discuss with you, Stephen. Especially if I’m going to be aligned with you on this ticket. How do you feel about illegal aliens?

    SC: I’m against them. You’re against them.

    JQ: I’m not talking about the kind that come across…I’m talking about, like, those kinds of aliens (points thumb up toward sky).

    SC: Like space aliens? (Audience laughter)

    JQ: Space aliens, yes.

    SC: Is that a problem in the Marvel Universe?

    JQ: In April it’s a huge problem. We have this story coming up called “Secret Invasion,” and it’s about Skrulls.

    SC: What’s a Skrull?

    JQ: A Skrull is a shape-shifting alien, Stephen.

    SC: Do you have a picture of a Skrull?

    JQ: I think we do have a picture of a Skrull.

    SC: What’s a Skrull? (Picture of Skrull head on body with suit and tie on.)

    JQ: That’s a Skrull.

    SC: That’s a Skrull?

    JQ: That’s a Skrull.

    SC: What do they do?

    JQ: Well they hide amongst us, Stephen. Skrulls are hiding amongst us, they’ve taken over world governments, they’ve taken over celebrities.

    SC: What governments? Who would vote for a Skrull? (Skrull head morphs into Barack Obama. Audience laughter.) Oh my God!

    JQ: Yep, ya see.

    SC: Are any other candidates Skrulls?

    JQ: You know, there might be someone very near and dear to you, Stephen, actually.

    SC: Its just Democrats though, right? (Picture of John McCain headshot in suit. Audience laughter.)

    JQ: Uh, no, not necessarily, Stephen. (McCain’s head morphs into a Skrull head.)

    SC: Oh my God.

    JQ: Yeah, there ya go.

    SC: That’s what John McCain looks like to Rush Limbaugh (audience laughter.)

    JQ: I believe so. I believe so.

    SC: Well, listen, Joe, can we check in with you as my campaign goes on?

    JQ: Absolutely. We’ll continue polling, we’ll see what, uh, we’ll see what, the…we’ll see what the citizens of the Marvel Universe say.

    SC: Well, listen. You tell Bucky Barnes, you know what, no hard feelings, best of luck.

    JQ: Fantastic.