jlu lot and plus more 4sale

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    Apr 6, 2005
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    hi there i am still selling stuff i do not have room for any more i have a nice jlu lot everything had been opend and put right on the shelf here is what you will get for 40 dollars shipped not a bad deal
    1. superman*3
    2. batman*2
    3. the atom
    4. atom smasher
    5. aquaman
    6. shining knight
    7. darksied
    8. zantana
    9. huntress
    10. dr,light and the javlin 7
    11. dc select darksied
    12. dc select superman
    13. dc select clark kent
    14. dc select brainiac
    15. dc select batman
    16. dc select batgirl
    everything is in perfect shape i will take 40 shipped for them pm me if you are interested thank you