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    Looking to get these guys, shipping will be to Ohio. Need good/great condition and complete. Pass me a total when you message me, please be sure the shipping and paypal fees are included. I'm tired of doing the math for people I pay LoL

    Also, I like to buy in small bundles to save money. So if you have a number of items I need, keep in mind that I'm a somewhat conservative spender, but also fair.

    ** I also have plenty of random stuff to trade, although I'm perfectly happy to buy stuff. Just send me what you're interested in, along with a link to your feedback, if you like swapping. **


    Arms Micron Vehicons - 2 or 3 does the trick! No boxes needed.

    Dr Wu gun for Dreadwing

    MP and 3P:

    Maketoys Utopia - I can do around the $250 mark for him, but no more.

    KO Skywarp or Igear Destroyer

    MMC Hexatron (the Continuum version)
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