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    Hey all,

    I've been over here in Japan for a little over a year and have accumulated a lot more toys than I'd realized. With me planning on heading back this summer I don't know that I want to ship it all back just to collect dust in another closet on the other side of the pond.

    I'm not going to post prices because I'm pretty open to offers. Of course, I'm also likely to turn down anything I think isn't fair or is insanely low. So make me an offer via PM and we'll go from there. Everything is loose/complete with missiles, weapons and instructions unless I state otherwise. Heh, I've probably only transformed them once or twice.

    Galaxy Force
    - EX-01 Dark Liger Jack
    - GD-04 Land Bullet

    - W-07 Cerberion / W-08 Orthrion -> merges into Golemon

    - SD-07 Megatron (opened, but complete with box)
    - SC-10 Rodimus Convoy (unopened)
    - SD-18 Chromehorn-Forest Type (sealed on card)
    - Mega Zarak (green and gold recolor)

    World's Smallest Transformers
    - Alert
    - Meister

    SCF Tranformers PVC figurines
    - Ariel
    - Chromedome
    - G1 Convoy (vehicle mode)
    - Ginrai
    - Go Shooter
    - Ironhide
    - Metalhawk w/ Minerva
    - Minerva
    - Powermaster Prime
    - Raiden
    - Sixshot
    - Ariel (clear version)
    - Convoy (clear version)
    - Megatron (clear version)
    - Starscream (clear version)
    - Ultra Magnus (clear version)

    Ok that's enough for now. I'll update this list as I go about my cleaning. :)