Non-TF: It's Dangerous To Go Alone

Discussion in 'Radicons Customs' started by Bouncingdynamo, Aug 29, 2019.

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    Aug 23, 2019
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    So there I was, wandering through Michael's one day on a lunch break, hunting for custom supplies, when I take a wrong turn down an isle I'm not used to going down. Lo and behold, I see this nifty little jewelry box that immediately sends a nostalgic "da-naa-na-naaaah" going off in my head (the SNES one, of course).

    So now I have a big chest for my figma Links to plunder. All it took was a bit of gluing to add the extra bands across the top and front, and a few coats of paint.

    This is just one of the smaller side projects I had going on while I worked on my next big project. Kept me busy while the paints were drying.

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