Non-TF: It's Dangerous To Go Alone Pt.2

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    Aaaand here's some more stuff that came about while Rung was drying. Here we have a Hylian Shield, styled after the one in A Link to the Past; the Rod of Seasons from Oracle of Seasons; and an NES Zapper with a 5mm peg. All Shapeways pieces designed for use with the Figma Link from A Link Between Worlds, and various Transformers with 5mm pegholes respectively.

    If I have one gripe about the shield, it's that the fellow designing it didn't have the figure himself at the time of modeling, so instead of notches in the back for a handle and an arm strap, there's only a notch for the handle, so the weight of the shield really lets it flop out of place easily.

    And if there's one gripe I have with the Ros of Seasons, it's that I can't actually bring myself to put it in his hands properly. Due to the brittle nature of the Shapeways plastic, I don't want to risk snapping the shaft of the rod (or, heaven forbid, the fingers on the figure), so it'll just have to hang out in that big chest for the time being.

    The Zapper's pretty great! I figured--given his propensity for creating wildly unorthodox weaponry--that Brainstorm made the most sense for carrying this bad boy.

    These were just some of the smaller side projects I had going on while I worked on my next big project. Kept me busy while the paints were drying.

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