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    I have a few items that I would be willing to trade for some other items, or may possibly arrange sales for an agreed price. I prefer to do swaps for evenly valued items to further my collection, but will sell if necessary.

    Although I am a new board member here (just over 30 days), I have plenty of credentials to share. I sell on ebay with my wife a lot - we both sell bits of our collections (TFs for me, Care Bears, Ponies etc for her). You can check out the ebay user *crimpers* - we have over 700 positive feedbacks and no negative at all. I've collected TFs as an adult now for about 8 years and my collection has grown, shrunk, grown again(!) and changed lots since i started. I peridocially re-evaluate which figures and lines of figures I like and often decide to move entire lines on so that I can concentrate on others.

    In terms of trades, anyone who has decent boxed (not totally necessary for sealed, but sealed is much more preferred if possible) G1 original or reissue (especially Gestalts/Combiner sets), Masterpiece, CHUG or recent 3rd party items, I would be highly interested in working out some way of trading some of my items towards those with you. I would be happy to take on the risk of sending out my item first to a board member I can see has good feedback, and they can then send on their item to me. I would always use a recorded method of delivery, especially for overseas (I'm in the UK), and would only charge the exact cost of postage with a tiny amount like 50p added for packing materials to protect the item.

    For sales, I will accept paypal only. I would respectfully ask that any buyer also meets the paypal charges, so that the funds I receive will be the correct asking price when it's agreed. I would work these out to the penny and agree prices before going ahead with any agreements.

    Here are the items I currently have;

    TF Movie 2007 NightWatch Optimus Prime (original dark one, NOT All-Spark blue variant that came later). 100% complete boxed, was opened and displayed a short time.

    ROTF Wal*Mart Ramjet Brand New MISB

    ROTF Leader Starscream Brand New MISB

    ROTF Leader Jetfire Brand New MISB

    Micromaster Constructicons Devastator 100% complete w/boxes, but items were opened carefully with blade to display figures, before being put back. No damage to card backs due to careful opening.

    Armada Optimus Prime w/Sparkplug Mini-con Brand New MISB

    Disney TF Donald Duck - original white/yellow/blue variant.

    Disney TF Mickey Mouse - steamboat willie grey/black/white variant.

    ***Non-TF stuff now below, but it's still for trade for anyone who collects comic book type stuff***

    Hot Wheels Batmobile - 2007' Dark Knight model. 1:18 in size, MISB.

    Hot Wheels Batmobile - 1960's model. 1:18 in size, MISB.

    If anyone wants pictures, these can be provided very easily, just PM me.

    I have a LOT more TFs to add soon - I'm tallying up my Animated range stuff which is extensive and will come and update the post soon with it. Also, if your wife or partner (or you, hey I'm not judging!) collects Care Bears or My Little Pony, hit me up so I can force my wife to give away some of them to get me some nice shiny TFs.... heh