Issues with ratchet joint on my Crossfire Bruticus, please help!!!

Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by Tarngold, Jan 23, 2011.

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    So like alot of people who managed to score a cheap ROTF bruticus i invested and got the set, overall im still very impressed by the set, aside from a current issue im having, with the ratchet joint supplied to bruticus helecopter arm by the extender block.

    ill get pics up soon to show the issue im having, but thought id get some general feedback, the joint is gear based when i took it apart, very simple design, the ratchet is on one side only(why they couldnt afford to put it on both sides it beats the hell outta me), and when looking inside theres no spring mechanism preventing the gearing from rubbing up against each other to be fatal to the joint when moving, like it was made to wear down quickly. Anyway, the joint gear has been weared down and almost stripped, and i dont know what to do.

    id like to say im not the kind of person who is rough with his toys, i spend time checking reviews on youtube cringing at some of the roughness ive seen given to toys on said videos.

    For those who own it and this has not happened yet, make sure when you move the joint to move it really slow so the life of the joint is extended.

    Ive filled out a form on Fansproject website in the hopes that they will respond with some solution for me( like sending me a free part for my troubles), but im definitely not thinking this is going to end well.
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    From my own observations, this has probably been the biggest weakness of Fansproject toys. Their Defender has a similar problem with the lateral shoulder joints and knee joints. On my Bruticus, one of the shoulder joints felt a little weak out of the box, but I was able to swap its gear with the other.

    At this point I'm simply trying to not move 'em around too much.