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    Changing up my collection to make up some funds for other TF's. Want these pieces to go to good homes or person with the best wallet.HAHAHA.

    Do take note shipping is from Singapore.Bundling is possible to lower costs for you.

    Prices include Shipping.All figures include all acc, Box and inserts unless otherwise stated.Prices may differ depending on your location and country)


    G1 Takara Ultra Magnus $105

    G1 Takara Rodimus Prime $145

    G1 Takara Starscream $200

    G1 Takara Megatron $150 SOLD

    G1 Hasbro Metroplex No Box Figure slightly yellow,includes scamper and Six gun.Slight sticker wear. $100

    G1 Takara Collector Edition Blaster $90 right arm detached. Easily fixed with super glue

    G1 Takara Collectors Edition Perceptor $95

    G1 Takata Optimus Prime $68 (No Box No Acc Trailer Door is broken)

    G1 Hasbro Commemorative Soundwave $84


    Collectors Edition Bruticus $100

    Platinum Edition

    Hasbro Trypticon $145

    Hasbro Insecticons $90

    First Edition Dark Guard Optimus Prime $80

    Beast Master Japan

    Optimus Primal $90

    Megatron $90
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