Is season 3 going to have any changes for the Autobots?

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    Oct 25, 2012
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    I haven't seen the latest episode yet (probably should have stayed away from the board until I had) but this is really starting to get annoying and I know some of you here feel the same way,

    With the exception of Cliffjumper, only Decepticons have died onscreen. Weren't the writers wanting to give viewers a feeling that danger was very real in this show? True only for the decepticons apparently as the Autobots can't be touched. Simply put, the Autobots are not in danger.

    Is Season 3 going to shake things up for the Autobots at all? Like ANYTHING AT ALL!?!?!!? The only danger in Season 2 but Bulky getting exposed to Tox-En (Which he made a FAST and FULL recovery off) and thats it!!!

    As of now, the only sense of dread I have is this is going to continue. Megatron should have used the forge to make some plot armour busting missles instead of a poopy sword.