2D Artwork: Ironhide pixel art

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    Hello, sometime ago, when I became a member of these boards I posted some pixel art I made back then. Well, I bring now one more piece, a pixel art of movie Ironhide's face. I uploaded it to my deviantart:
    KitsuenKoumori on deviantART

    Well, like my previous pieces, its no big deal, and I know i must correct the color, as Ironhide is much darker in the movies, the monitor of the pc I made him on showed him like the real color, but once I saw him on another monitor I noticed he should be blacker. I will correct it later.

    And inc ase youre wondering, no, I didnt trace it on top of a picture of Ironhide...I just used a pic of him for reference, but I made it myself entirely, pixel by pixel as pixel art is supposed to be xD.

    But anyway, thanks in case you look.

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    awesome work man!!!! :D  That looks so cool! It looks like it could be in a cartoon