Iron Factory War Giant, complete, with toyhax

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    I bought this set brand new from Chosen Prime in November 2018. I am pretty sure it is 100% complete with all accessories, boxes, and instructions. It has most of the Toyhax labels applied (I think there were a few I skipped).

    I looked them all over, and I don't see any obvious stress marks. Though I cannot guarantee I didn't miss any. Nothing is broken though. I don't think I ever combined these, as I bought the KO set for that purpose. I did transform each one once when I was applying the stickers. These have always been displayed in bot mode since I got them.

    See the below photo for what is included. I have a bunch more pictures in my one drive folder which you can click below.

    I paid $210 for this set and $15 for the decals, so that's a starting point for negotiation I suppose. Shipping will be UPS ground. I will only charge the actual amount (I get pretty good rates at work). I can provide my ebay user id if you want to see my feedback.

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