iPad mini v Kindle Fire HD for Mac person who is overseas

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What should I give to someone in Afghanistan?

  1. Kindle Fire HD 7"

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  2. iPad mini

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  3. This is a dumb gift

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  4. Some other crazy tablet I've never heard of

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  1. Bryan

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    I'm buying a mini-tablet for someone in Afghanistan for Crimmus. Because of the terrorists I apparently can't have it shipped there so I will either mail it myself or possibly hand deliver it. Which is annoying but anyways...

    The recipient is a Mac person. Macbook, iPhone, series of iPads. But also a Kindle owner who is a big Amazon person - Prime member already for the shipping, doesn't buy physical movies or music ever, etc.

    Not a huge movie watcher although there's not much to do over there. Reads lots. TV shows tend to be guilty pleasures - reality stuff, cooking shows, etc. Not sure what's available on which platform.

    Would be a lot of emailing and general websurfing.

    Probably not a power app user. I don't know what's on either. I always see these ads about how apps are super useful in medicine but I only know like three people who use them in work, and the iPhone has them all regardless.

    I'm going with the mini or the smaller Kindle Fire HD because the environment over there is shit on electronics. Even with an Otter case (which will be included), stuff just goes pad.

    This is a fun indulgent type gift, I'll replace it with a real iPad or a newer, bigger Kindle Fire after redeployment.

    Wireless over there is shit so ability to pull content (bootleg movies) directly from external hard drive or computer is crucial.

    I own neither. I will take the Kindle Fire HD back when I replace it next year just because but otherwise would probably never have a tablet.

    Everything I've read so far suggests it's damn near a tie, with advantage to Kindle Fire HD on price and screen and advantage to iPad mini on compatibility with a preexisting stable of Apple products.

    Final note I suppose is the recipient is mostly aware of this and not vocal either way, but never asks for goddam anything, and I think will appreciate it. But in light of a lack of clear excitement, I suppose the other option is just wait until redeployment and buy the latest full-size iPad.

    If that's the suggestion I'd sure appreciate another suggestion for someone who mostly likes running and popcorn but has plenty of both those things. Gifting in goddam Afghanistan is a pain in the ass.
  2. bignick1693

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    If they are more into the book reading go kindle fire. iPad mini is for fun and games and web browsing.