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    Anyone can join in at anytime of the roleplay by introducing your character(s) and just sliding right into the roleplay.

    Name: Rage Slayer
    Alias: The Head of the Knightmares
    Age: Unknown, considered the oldest among his fellow Knightmares.
    Gender: Genderless, takes form of a male in red glowing armor
    Born: Heaven
    Race: Angel (turned Knightmare)
    Abilities: Teleportation of him and/or other subjects, ability to summon weapons,
    Unusual Features: wings made of purple fire
    Favorite Quote: "Arrogant creatures, your death with be swift and instantaneous!"
    Status: Alive

    Name: Rabies
    Alias: The Sword of the Knightmares
    Age: Unknown, considered the second oldest
    Gender: Genderless, takes to form of a female in red violet armor
    Born: Heaven
    Race: Angel (turned Knightmare)
    Abilities: Pyrokinesis, ability to summon weapons, super speed, limited teleportation
    Unusual Features: Purple fiery eyes
    Favorite Quote: "So this is how libety dies... with thunderous applause."
    Status: Alive

    Name: Thrasher
    Alias: The Claw of the Knightmares
    Age: Unknown, considered the youngest
    Gender: Genderless, takes the form of a skinn, malnourished man with long limbs, claws, and in red armor with glowing purple limbs
    Born: Heaven
    Race: Angel (turned Knightmare)
    Abilities: Super speed, cloning of himself, ability to summon weapons, short distance teleportation, high jumping
    Unusual Features: Glowing arms and legs that emit purple particles, hunched over, sometimes crawls on all fours
    Favorite Quote: "What doesn't kill you makes it wish it did."
    Status: Alive

    Name: Smasher
    Alias: The Fist of the Knightmares
    Age: Unknown, considered the third oldest
    Gender: Genderless, takes the form of a male bodybuilder in red armor
    Born: Heaven
    Race: Angel (turned Knightmare)
    Abilities: Ability to summon weapons, increased strength, high endurance, limited control of purple fire
    Unusual Features: Glowing head and torso, tallest and most buff of the four Knightmares
    Favorite Quote: "The only thing that awaits my enemy is DESTRUCTION!"
    Status: Alive

    Name: Legion
    Alias: The Knightmare, Progenitor of the Knightmares
    Age: Old as existence
    Gender: Genderless, has both male and female features, formally had no corporeal form
    Born: Unknown
    Race: Cosmic being
    Abilities: Has all abilities of the Knightmares and A LOT more
    Unusual Features: Glowing purple armor, wings made of purple fire, purple glowing eyes, has multiple arms sometimes, body can vary in shape and size (The normal configuration is mostly with the wings of Rage Slayer, the eyes of Rabies, and the glowing armor of Thrasher and Smasher. The head also is normally a combination between Rabies's and Thrasher's helmet. When it comes to body parts such as the size and number of arms and legs, it GREATLY varies.)
    Favorite Quote: "My name is LEGION. For we are... MANY!"
    Status: Alive, Inactive when the Knightmares aren't fused

    Brief History: The Knightmares used to be angels that believed so much in justice, that they carry it out by any means necessary. Imperious didn't like this so he asked God to cast them down (and he got his way). The four were sent into the Twisted Nether. Over time, they evolved. Summoning the red armor they have now, they also gained their powers that they have now. They were also having visions of another being with glowing purple armor. Then they merged into that being and escaped the Twisted Nether to Earth. After the Knightmares diffused, they had no idea what happened but they still vowed to protect the mortal realm, no matter means be deemed necessary. Though sometimes when combined, a different force takes over.

    History of Legion: Legion is a cosmic,
    being with no corporeal form, born from the Twisted Nether. He believed that good and evil has to be balanced, otherwise there would be only chaos and no order. When the Knightmares, under different names, were cast into the Twisted Nether, Legion took over the four, causing their transformation. Now when ever they combine, Legion sometimes let's them do the fighting, or he takes over for reasons unknown.
    Legion (combined form, top)
    Rage Slayer, Rabies, Smasher, Thrasher (from left to right)
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