International Sellers/Buyers Look Out!! Huge Postage Increases Coming!!

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    I don't know if right place for this so mods can put wherever they think is best.

    OK, all you folks who buy/sell and ship internationally from the USA, there are new postage rates on the way from USPS on the 27th of January and they are not the typical 4% or 5% increase. These are huge increases, so get ready for some sticker shock for postage prices. These are all for First Class International which is the most popular shipping choice because it used to be relatively inexpensive. Here is just a few of the rates to give you an idea of what is coming.

    USA to Canada:
    1oz package Now=$3.00 New Rate=$6.55
    4oz package Now=$3.45 New Rate=$7.35
    8oz package Now=$4.05 New Rate=$8.55
    1 pound package Now=$5.75 New rate=$10.55
    2 pound package Now=$9.15 New rate=$16.15

    USA to UK and Australia:
    1oz package Now=$3.00 New Rate=$6.55
    4oz package Now=$5.34 New Rate=$9.45
    8oz package Now=$8.46 New Rate=$12.75
    1 pound package Now=$11.60 New rate=$16.90
    2 pound package Now=$17.88 New rate=$24.15

    USA to Singapore:
    1oz package Now=$3.00 New Rate=$6.55
    4oz package Now=$5.22 New Rate=$9.15
    8oz package Now=$8.18 New Rate=$12.15
    1 pound package Now=$11.26 New rate=$16.75
    2 pound package Now=$17.42 New rate=$24.05

    Source Postal Explorer
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    It's awful I know. Had to stop selling internationally on eBay. Last time I tried it was going to cost 35 DOLLARS to ship MP Prime to Canada from the US, and the transaction had to be cancelled.