Instant Megatron Collection For Sale!

Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by TrooperMaximus, Jul 12, 2008.

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    Feb 11, 2004
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    I'm selling off my Megatron figures. I'd prefer to sell them as an entire lot for $300.00 + shipping. I'll ship anywhere since you're paying the cost. Paypal is my prefered payment method. Includes:

    MISB Figures:
    Animated Voyager
    BW 10th Anny. Primal & Megatron

    MIB Figures:
    Mega SFC Megatron
    Custom ATB Megatron & Starscream (from BW2 BB & SS w/reprolables)
    D001 Gigatron
    MP05 (unmoded)
    Leader Movie (1st version)

    Loose Figures:
    Armada w/ Leader-One
    Both Energon molds (big & little)
    Both Cybertron molds (reg & t-rex)
    Two-pack BW 10th Anny. Megatron
    BW Transmetal
    BW Transmetal 2 (only has two missiles)
    RiD Megabolt
    RiD (X2, one is missing a dragon mode arm)
    G2 Tank with hand gun (no other accessories)
    Gobot with hand gun & card back
    MW with hand gun & card back
    HOC 'plain jane' & energon flail version
    Robot Heroes G1 version

    If there's no intrest in the whole lot I'll break it up later in the week with individual prices.

    Thanks for looking. No, I'm not crazy or commiting suicide.