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    They are not the hell your whales
    I posted these when I first made them, but that was years ago sooo.... I am going to post them again now that we have a special forum for videos :D .

    BTW, I haven't gotten moviemaker to work for me since December 2006. So these videos are pretty old and i would love to make new ones, but can't. Til I figure something out.

    Unfortunately no chibi pics :( 

    Rodimus Prime tribute
    Song: All I Want- Offspring

    YouTube - Rodimus Prime - All I Want

    Hot Rod Tribute
    (my 1st video)
    Song: Brave Heart- Miyazaki Ayami

    YouTube - Hot Rod Tribute

    Masterforce AMV
    Song: Hero- Spiderman soundtrack(give the video a chance before you don't listen/watch to it because you are sick of the song)

    YouTube - Transformers Masterforce - Hero

    Energon AMV (I hate energon btw, but I had the clips at the time)
    Song: Hit me with your best shot- Pat Benatar

    YouTube - Transformers Energon AMV

    Energon: The Red
    Song: The Red - Chevelle

    YouTube - Transformers Energon - The Red

    I also have the openings and closings to Galaxy Force on my account
    YouTube - ILoveDinobot's Channel