Ikado's New B/S/T G1 Megs, Soundwave, more

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    Dec 12, 2002
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    Hey all, I'm going to put these up here for a week before putting them on EBAY. PM me with any questions. I'm willing to trade only for things on my want list. Shipping not included. I can accept Paypal.

    Check out pictures here:

    Vintage G1 Megatron (C8, Complete, slightly loose joints, Decepticon stickers from reissue Takara Megatron) $90

    Vintage G1 Soundwave w/ Buzzsaw (C8, Complete, working door, chrome wear on Buzzsaw's guns only) $85

    Vinatage G1 Prowl (C7, Complete, Broken Roof, Tight Joints, Displays well, paint and chrome wear) $20

    Vintage G1 Red Alert with Box (C7+, Complete, 2 missiles still on tree, missing one siren, Box C5) -make offer

    OTFCC 2003 Purple Energon Spear- (MISB) $5

    Want List:
    E-Hobby Diaclone Style Ultra Magnus
    E-Hobby Black Megatron
    E-Hobby Clear and Black Starscream