Iggy's Microman Promo clip (??)

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    May 3, 2010
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    I'm not sure whether these ones are official but posted on Youtube by Iggy344 ...All of which are promo to the modernized Microman action figures. and made in 3d
    YouTube - ?????????????????????3D??????MICROMAN?
    ^ Microsister Hanne
    YouTube - ????????????????????3D??????MICROMAN?
    ^ MicroLady Ellis (J-pop style of that time i believe)
    YouTube - ?????????????????????3D??????MICROMAN?
    ^ Microsister Olga. with Gatling cannon
    YouTube - ???????????????????3D????? ?MICROMAN?
    ^ Microlady Shina with Ninja weapons
    YouTube - ????????????????????3D??????MICROMAN?
    ^ Microsister Ran. against a gang of Acroyears. with classic Microman theme music
    YouTube - ?????????????????3D??????MICROMAN?
    ^ Acroyear Acro Asura. This one is interesting because it acts as Tribute to one of Mandom perfume ad (starring Charles Bronson). and it uses Jerry Wallace song "World of Lovers".. which japan-release only. However eversince Mandom and Microman are different products belongs to different company. and Mandom company is still active long after Charles Bronson was passed away. so I don't think that this one is official promo. but judging its quality. it is toooooooooo neat to be amateur made. Did Takara signs any deals with Mandom company to make this promo? to advertise Mandom products using Acro Asura as brand spokesman while Bronson is gone forever ?!

    Does anyone ever see these promo clip before? are all of them official or are all of them fanmade

    EDIT: YouTube - ?????????
    ^ Mandom commercial that later got Microman versions meow~