By Generation: iGear PP05W Weapon/Medical Specialist - Front Fender Hinge Modification

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    Several members here have contributed to this modification. Notably, TFW2005.COM's heirofthedog is the originator of this modification. I want to be sure to thank him for his innovation here as well as two other members who greatly contributed to this, Billzilla and Demonss. My hat's off to all three of you guys; thank you for all you contribute here!

    That being said, let's get right to it: iGear PP05W Weapon/Medical Specialist Front Fender Hinge Modification. If you have this figure, then you'll know that the front fenders are intended to hinge inside the grill part. In order to do this, the grill part is on a hinge. This part does not fold well, since the hinge is obstructed, making the folds difficult to do without applying unwanted stress to the hinge. Don't fret, as the members here have come to your rescue! We'll start with this preface by the originator himself:


    Honestly, this is more of an "option" rather than a "fix." Yes, it possible to fold these flaps in without modding. I've done it myself a few times, but you will need to wiggle and waggle them a bit and ease them past the molded "screw" structures that stick out either side of the mid torso. Since it's not a "clean and easy" fold of the flaps without the modification, you could cause stress fractures or possible breakages later on (and there are some people who have already busted their figures).

    I am aware in my pictures that I have the mid-split torso/big belly hinge facing forward and that the correct transformation is to swivel this round the back. However, A) I prefer it in the front as you loose a split gap running through his body. B) If you do swivel it round, you can not close the side flaps in as flat as you could the other way round, mainly because the gap between the flaps when closed flat is smaller than the length of this belly hinge and so would prevent the flaps from laying flush. This was purely done for me and only went on Facebook after a few people asked. The choice is yours whether you do it or not.​

    Billzilla posts a photo tutorial here:

    "Let's fix these guys up, shall we?

    As you guys are getting PP-05 surely you notice that there seems to be an abandoned feature where the side flaps fold under the grill. The only way to fold these flaps down now seems to be to bend the plastic, placing stress on the joints. Though this seems to be a solidly-built figure, nobody wants to do that. So here's a mod to get around that and allow the front bumper to swing forward a little bit. I got this modification from heirofthedog. He did this modification and tagged iGear with the pictures. I tried it out on my Weapons Specialist and it worked well, so I'm just recreating his work here with my Medical Specialist for you all.

    It's not very complicated, but you can fuck up your figure. Also, I can't possibly tell you what long-term effects it could have on the figure. It could be that iGear abandoned this "feature" because it will cause stress damage after a while. Do all of this at your own risk.

    Step 1: Take off the chrome bumper and remove the five screws from the inside of the front end of your favorite van bro:


    Step 2: Now that the screws are removed (don't lose them!), carefully take off the front end exposing this hinge joint:


    Step 3: The pin is very easy to remove, as there are no barbs. You can poke it out with a pin and pull it out the rest of the way with needle-nosed pliers as there is little to no resistance. There is no need for a pin punch:


    Step 4: This is the part we're trying to get at. All we need to do is cut a bit off the top of this plastic part so the front bumper can swing upwards:


    Step 5: This is what you're going for. It doesn't need to be pretty, you just need to cut a little notch out. You can use anything: a knife, a file...I used a Dremel. Just be very careful - this is the part where you can permanently mess up your toy. If you go down too far, the hinge will be useless and your toy is now broken and you will have to buy another one:


    Step 6: It's easy to test and see if you've shaved enough off. Since the pin pops in and out, just take a little off, and put the grill/wheels piece back on. There's no need to screw the whole front end on here, as you're just seeing how far it will swing. You only need it to go a little more forward - this is enough in the picture:


    Step 7: Once you're happy with it, screw the rest of the front end back on:


    Step 8: You can now fold the side flaps behind the torso! Doesn't he look great?"


    TFW2005.COM member Demonss made a video of the fix/modification. heirofthedog confirms that everything Demonss does in this video is 100% lifted from his original modification:

    Thanks again for all you contribute, guys!

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