If TF The Movie bombs...

Discussion in 'Transformers Movie Discussion' started by Ruination04, Sep 26, 2006.

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    Jun 27, 2005
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    Actually I don't think Alts will be around so much longer. Both companies have admitted that their VERY expensive toys to produce, Takara have somewhat cancelled the line because of of the lack of sales (although aparntly KISS is selling, strangely enough) and if one company bails, it'd be hard for the other company to cover the production costs. It's been a line continuing for 3 years now, which is quite a long time for a current TF line (usually lasting 1-1.5 years). Of course, i'd like to see it continue, espically with the recent few releases which have been innovative and different (Rumble and Ravage). There's room for the line to expand (military and larger scale).

    As for the movie bombing - if it totally bombs - no sequels for a while, if ever. If it isn't a big sucess but makes a small profit - no doubt there'd be a sequel, that's what Hollywoods about these days, trilogies are in it would seem. If it bombs, and toy sales don't sell, well, in that case i'm sure Hasbro would cut back on certain TF lines, such as Classics and Titanium, onto hiatus until they begin to cover their losses. No doubt they'd continue on with a new toyline and cartoon though, they wouldn't just stop and die because the movie flopped. They'd be hurt, but not down for the count.
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    Jun 22, 2006
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    The movie won't bomb. Or at least that is what I hope....
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    I just say that I think the movie will do great,but not make a whopping profit. I
    heard the movie will cost $200 million to make,and even if they only make $225
    or $250 million,they will probably make sequals. As for Hasbro,if the movie tanks,
    then I am sure the Fans will pick up the slack by buying the figures. But if
    Hasbro reads this,please try not to over-do the movie figs by making 1000's
    of the same figs for each and every store.Maybe do like 5 or 6 of each figure for
    each store.Then later if they sell good do more.

    Now I think the movie might not do that good,in movie attendence,as a
    lot of people don't have money like they use to,me included,but again if
    Hasbro only did a few of the movie figures they could see what the market
    for them would be like,and they wouldn't have to make a huge loss on them,
    thereby not flooding the market with them,and losing sales for them.And
    like they say,too much of a good thing.Finally if they do it like I say they may
    come out better in the long run,and none of the other lines suffer for it.
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    Will walk away slowly and go home and get back into singing "You got the touch..."

    Doubt it will matter if it does, Hasbro are kings or revitalizing and reinventing.
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    More like the start of Beast Wars, where the franschise was old and tired.
    It took something like BEast Wars, where the creators were told basically "we've a new toy line. We'd like a TV series. Off you go" and no more input from Hasbro.

    ie a mindset from Hasbro of "whatever they do can't be any worse then what we did last time" and allow a degree of inventiveness from the TV series.