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    issue 1 came out this week. The writing is fantastic. The writer (Erik Burnham) knows these characters inside and out. The dialogue is really funny and natural between the characters.

    Dan Shannon's art is great and captures the five members of the Ghostbusters without actually LOOKING like either the movie or the old cartoon (ok, Janine does take a lot of nods from her old animation model), and if the designs look familiar, Dan was consulted for the Wii and PS2 version of the Ghostbusters video game that came out a couple years ago.

    There are plenty of little nods to the old Real Ghostbusters cartoon in all of Dan's work. What in Samhein is going on?! had several (Jem, Tex Avery cartoon nods, RGB Peter) and there are a few here as well... as well as 2 heavy references to Blues Brothers (one is easy to miss, the second is thrown right in your face). This comic isn't a reboot of the franchise at all. The two movies happened, the first video game happened, and there's even a Sanctum of Slime reference (the character Alan and his relation to a former Ghostbuster villian, but he's a kid here).

    I highly recommend you check this out and support the series :)