Idea behind Lockdown's "henchmen"

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    So to change the subject in the threads of late:

    After watching AOE the first time, I was hoping that Lockdown's henchmen/mercenaries would have been explained and was a bit disappointed.

    I have come up with a fun idea of what they might be and decided to run it by yall:

    If I were Kruger, I would have given a little nod to TF:Animated and made his henchmen protoforms (not to be confused with the "Decepticon Protoforms" in the first trilogy, which I actually like to think of as just generic soldiers). Lockdown's protoforms would be a nod to the TF:Animated episode "Five Servos of Doom" where Lockdown stole Yoketron's stash of protoforms. They could be used as mindless henchmen while also being used to "grow" replacement parts of Lockdown's body (you know because bounty hunting can be a dangerous profession ;)  ).

    They could have a scene where Lockdown cuts off his own arm as a demonstration to Optimus and then he brutally kills a protoform and attaches its arm as a replacement. I think it would have been a neat little scene to add in when Lockdown is imprisoning Optimus in the Knightship.

    What do you guys think?