By Generation: Ice Cream Truck Mudflap Heel Mod

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    It didn't take me long to notice that ICT Mudflap's heel kibble would actually be able to be rotated up to reduce the amount of untransformed vehicle parts hanging off his feet. It just takes the removal of two little plastic nubs, and it was real easy to take care of it, since he's made of pretty soft plastic.

    The unaltered plastic on the left, and the cut part on the right:


    The full extent of the cutting on the right leg:


    There's also a small peg that could be cut off on the other half of the leg, though this is optional,
    as it could be forced to peg back in to the newly articulated piece when transforming.

    Unmodded on the left, modded on the right:


    And vice-versa:


    (In response to whether or not pin removal needs to take place, Radicons Malunis T and SPLIT LIP responded. ~Superquad7):


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