I read IDW Transforemr Phase 1, vol. 1-3

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    One day while i was checking out the Amazon, a thought came to me ‘’Is there Transformers Comics ?’’ i checked it out and just amazed with what i saw, IDW OHCs and many of them !! and what really made me get in to a buying frenzy was The Transformers designs in the first 8 OHCs were Gen1 designs… and i got good Word of mouth from 5 diffrent people about the series. Gen 1 designs and good stories ! this created such an effect on me… i stayed without a move for awhile…. (for 1 munite :p ) and then i lost it, i put all The Idw Collection Transformers in basket and bought them !!! i pressed the buy button like crazy !!! BUY ! BUY !! BUY !!!! yes !! YES !!!!! and they already arrived while i was writting this review and i read the first OHC obviously. The Megatron Origin story and Spot Light one shots in this book were alot of fun… other then them; The Inflitration, The Storm Bringer and The Escalation were ok stories. They didn’t follow the cronogical order of publication history with The IDW Transformers Collection series btw. They made a new cronogical order of events from early to latest for better reading experince. They mantion this in the foreword of the 1st OHC too. I want to talk alittle bit about Megatron Origin since it has a little bit of politics in it… Shortly, it’s about Magatron’s rebel against Cybertron senate and The Birth of Decepticons.

    Cybertron Senate (they haven’t got the name of Autobot yet) depicted as greedy capitalists and Megatron and other workers at mine of a long forgotten part of Planet Cybertron depicted as hard working workers who are all about labor… this means they are communists… The Cybertron senate was greedy for energon which made all transformeres work. They wanted more energon so they brought a automatic systrem called mecanisation to mines so they could get more energon from the mines… this process meant Megatron and other hard working labor force transformers who worked there would lose their jobs… when Megatron and other mine worker transformers already almost worked for nothing realised that they would lose thir jobs, they just lost it… they rebeled against The Cybertron Senate. They beated the transformers from Cybertron Senate who came to the mines and Megatron even killed one them… he went like ‘’what have i done’’ afterwards and this was the first conflict between Deceptions and Autobots. This resistance from Decepticons turned in to civil war which will continue for millennias. The interesting part is Autobots created Decepticons because of their own greed and wrong doings. Megatron went to another forgetten part of The Planet Cybertron with his followers as the civil war went on and he and other deceptions started to fight for energon on the rings. Megatron started to lose it as he fighted and started to like killing his opponents, turned into a total evil pychopath… but he and others were right when they were just rebeling mine workers. There was this interesting point. I just couldn’t pass it without pointing it out.

    All the spot light one shots were fun to read. The Transformers & Avengers crossover was medicore… It was the only part that was not written by Simon Furman and i got bored only at that part.

    The Devistation Adventure after The TF & Avengers crossover was the best Transformers event i have ever read so far. I really enjoyed it. Poor Sunstreaker… I hope The Autobots will save him from the mechanisation organisation. Those mechanisation guys really messed him up…That Scorponoc Headmaster guy really kicked Grimlock’s butt in The Spot Light: Grimlock one shot… He’s really formidable at least, unlike the Sunstreaker copy headmasters in The Davistation event cause Grimlock is a pretty tough dinobot. I like how all the spotlight one shots serves a purpose, they are not just self contained one shot stories but they also carry the overall story of The Transformers forward and connect to the events. That’s really fun to see, you are like ‘’oh that was happend in The Spot Light: Shock Wave and now continues in The Davistation event in another volume and then The Spot Light: Grimlock revealed what happend after them !’’ I love how everything is connected. Thinking about it, i really have a nerdgasm right now ! lol

    Only thing i can say bad about The maincourse The Devistation event is; it didn’t have a proper end like all the comics’s biggest events, it just makes way, talks about an another big event in the end… which is not that bad actually at least in The Devistation event for me because i want more, much much more [​IMG] but if there are jaded TF fans out there, i can imagine how they roll their eyes. lol