I have PS2 games up for what I am looking for!

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    Hey guys… I just wanted to post that I just finished listing a whole butt load of PS2 games up on eBay. Some are more complete than others, but all are in working order, & were professionally cleaned. I listed in each auction what shape each game was in, & what it came with. All copies that are listed are for the North American PS2.

    Depending on the game, I have more than 1 copy of whatever title. eBay will not allow me to list them as Dutch auctions. So just to let you know, I have more than 1 copy with certain tittles.

    Here’s a link to my auctions –

    mrberlin | eBay

    For some reason the link doesn’t work, my eBay user name is – mrberlin

    If I can… I would like to move as many as I can. With the holidays coming up… it would be nice to have some hard cold cash in my hand. I would prefer cash, but I am also letting people know that I have these because I’d be willing to do a trade for a parts for a custom that I am working on in exchange. If the trade is right. I am looking for Unicron shoulder joints (attaching an image that I am talking about), & a few Alternator Skids for future projects. The bodies don’t need to be complete, or have all the knick knacks to them, but I would like the core of the body, & all 4 limbs what I have planned for them.

    But that’s it! Thanks for taking a look guys… & talk to you later!


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