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    Okay, so a long time ago I wrote a part of a transformers fanfiction that I forgot about for a while. I found it on my laptop while trying to clear my posts, so who knows, if you guys like it I might continue making chapters.

    So here we go:

    A long time ago, there was a planet named cybertron. This was an amazing planet, filled with balance and peace, and being purely mechanical. It was created by a being named primus, who after creating cybertron, was cast into an enteral slumber, and no one knows of what had happened to him. But before his sudden departure, he created life on this world, known as the transformers. They were a peaceful race, with no one wishing to harm one another, with no one to want to destroy anyone else for any reason.
    These cybertronians were an intelligent race, as they soon learned about the galaxy around them. Alpha trion, one of the oldest and wisest transformers, shared his wisdom to every single transformer on cybertron. One student, Orion Pax, was really intrigued by these writings, and was curious about these marks. Because of his knowledge of the universe, he concealed everything he knew in a object he dubbed the matrix of leader ship. He knew his time in this universe was limited, so he knew if he were to die, he needed someone to hand the matrix over to.
    Alpha trion hosted a tournament here he would find the new holder of the Matrix of leader ship, and he let his favorite student Orain Pax watch. He stared in interest as he saw many gladiators fight each other, all for the same propose. As they were many gladiators, one stood out in particular. One Alpha Trion was thinking about picking. This gladiator’s name was Megatronus.
    Alpha was all ready to make sure that he was to give the matrix to Megatronus when he noticed something. He sensed darkness in Megatronus’ spark. He sensed that Megatronus’ intentions with that knowledge was impure, as such he decided not to give Megatronus the matrix. Megatronus was furious about his, and as such he killed the next in line for the matrix, and attempted to do the same to Trion, before Trion put him in his place. Megatronus was banished from Iacon, and was sentenced to be a miner for the rest of his eternity.
    But this wouldn’t stop him. Years later Alpha Trion was trying to think of another person to give the matrix to, and he came up with one last person. Someone he trusted, as well as know very well. He was about to go spread the news when Megatronus attacked, destroying Alpha Trion’s scared library, and nearly killing Trion with this new army he had created, some by protoforms, others by allegiance. They were all wearing a badge, and it looked different than the one that Alpha Trion had given to them. It was purple and had four prongs on the top of it, with evil looking eyes and no curves to be seen in sight. This was the mark of the Decepticons, who had just declared war on Alpha Trion.
    Orion Pax tried to stop them, but he unfortunately wasn’t able to do so, as he was quickly dealt with by Megatrionus, now calling himself megatron. As he was dying, he saw his mentor open up his chest, and take out something from inside, which startled Orion, as the energon flowed from his lips.
    “Take this” Trion said. Pax noticed what this was, and couldn’t believe that Alpha Trion was handing him something so precious. This was the matrix of leader ship.
    “I can’t take it, I’m just an archivist”
    “You were destined to take it. I know this might be a lot to take in, but trust me, you can stop the war. Please…take it” the dying Pax took the matrix and planted it into his body, right before his spark gave out on him. Given to him was the knowledge of Alpha Trion, and a new body, as well as a new form. He no longer was the data clerk Orion Pax-
    -He was the warrior Optimus Prime. As he saw his mentor die right after he was given the matrix, Optimus formed a team of his own, and seek to stop Megatron from destroying the planet with this war. He was a formidable foe for the ex-gladiator, and thus sought out a way to destroy the new matrix wielder. He knew he was going to need some sort of plan if he was going to rule Cybertron and destroy the Autobots, but every single one he had was soon foiled-
    Until he came across something that couldn’t go wrong. His science chief shockwave discovered a powerful relic hidden deep in the ruins of Iacon tower, a relic known as the allspark. Megatron recalled hearing about it, and remembered what it was said to do. It was an object meant to create new life, but it was very capable of destroying it as well. Megatron used this to his advantage and made himself even stronger than he was before, as he took the allsark and injected it into his body. It was a very though battle that the Autobots did not appear able to survive, but Optimus found a way to take the allspark away from Megatron, and he had Arcee launch it into space, where no one will ever find it.
    Years later Optimus prime discovered where the allspark had landed, and crew of ten Autobots-Bumblebee, Arcee, Hot Shot, Sideswipe, Sunstreaker, Fixit, Prowl, Smokescreen, Jetfire and himself-in order to go find the allspark. However, one of Megatron’s warriors known as Soundwave informed Megatron about this, thus they attacked the ship and crash landed it on earth. When the Decepticons discovered where they were, they quickly left the ark and gained modes based on popular earth vehicles, and proceeded to attempt to find the allspark. Optimus Prime on the other hand gave each member of his team alternate modes (Except for Fixit, who’s T-cog was damaged in the crash) and they left, hoping to run into someone who can help them, eventually befriending three earthlings by the names of Elina, Luka and Jason.
    They helped the Autobots with their quest, and they also ran into the Decpeticons head on. They grew to like each other, and they also became bonded with their Autobot allies. However, things took a turn for the worst when Megatron and his Decepticons started a raid on a large city and nearly killed everyone in it. The Autobots managed to defeat the Decepticons-and in the process destroy the allspark-and they offered to help rebuild the city. However, the humans didn’t take well to the Autobots, and saw every single transformer as a murderous machine that could wipe them out at any moment. They sought to destroy any remaining transformers on their planet, thus most of them went into hiding and they had to leave their human allies behind, as they did not think it was safe to be around them. That ten crew Autobot team is now only four, as the others were either killed by humans and/or remaining deceptions. Things look bleak for the Autobots and the transformers.
    Little did this planet know all of their troubles had just begun.

    So what do you think? The next chapter I won't post because I never finished it. It did have a Mary Sue character so I'm not sure I want to post it. If you guys like this maybe I'll rewrite the first chapter. Anyway, tell me what you think.
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    Sounds pretty good! I'm always one for familiar concepts in new scenarios!