By Generation: Human Alliance Sideswipe Backpack Modification

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    Hello, Radicons!

    A while ago I decided to try and collect all the HA molds, including the sub-par Sideswipe (He's okay, but really could have rocked more). Now most of the design was alright, except for the backpack:


    Here's what we typically have going on for the backpack:

    It's large and hanging quite a ways from the torso, creating this large void that makes Sideswipe the thinnest looking Transformer I've ever seen from the side. What's stopping this backpack from folding in more to close up the void a bit? A small brown tab:


    At the base of the hinge holding the backpack to the body is a small brown tab that prevents the kibble to rotate in any further. Taking a Dremmel to it (or in my case an X-ACTIO knife, hence the messy-looking cuts), cut off this "T" shaped tab.

    Please note: the hinge IS connected to the tab.

    Cut it down enough so that there's clearance for the backpack to rotate more, but that's it. Don't worry though, there's a lot of plastic to that tab.


    . . . . and voila! The backpack doesn't hang off as much, however the tip of it does go out further. The surprising result of this is that it actually does make him more stable. It isn't that much more stable, but it does help!

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