By Generation: Human Alliance Bumblebee Leg Mod (Version 2)

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    Before I start, I would like to give credit to SH80S for this modification. I saw his custom Bee and noticed that the thighs looks different:

    SH80S HA Bee

    On to "Version 2" of the Human Alliance Bee Leg Mod. First, here are some comparison shots between the original, version 1, and version 2:



    By the way, this modification might not be as popular as the first version since it involves cutting pieces of plastic from Bee's thighs, but it looks far better than the previous version in my opinion. Another thing you will need to do is cover up the screws so they aren't visible.

    To do this, first thing you'll need to do is perform the crotch piece swap similar to the first mod. Afterwards, you will need to disassemble the thighs and cut a portion of it indicated by a red square below. This allows the yellow thigh panels to fold all the way the other way around:


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