By Generation: Human Alliance Bumblebee Leg Mod (Version 1.5)

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    (As the previous link suggests, this modification proved to be very popular when originally posted, so much that many other artists decided to take their hand with it, adding other spins to it. Razerwire's addition not only clarifies some things from len_d69's tutorial, but also gives a different look at the modification itself. Also, other artists' contributions are included in "Version 1.5" here. ~Superquad7)


    I rotate the legs at the hip joint first.

    Take the parts apart and put them back so they look like this:




    Make sure before you put everything back together that the hip joint has the more rounded side facing downwards.

    [Also, thanks to all of the contributors:

    shadow panther; plowking; encline; Cheebs; project9; JinSaotome; Xcandescent; RHALX; MegaMoonMan; Insane Galvatron; AnimatedFan
    Dally; J.T.Silversmith; Peaugh (for the video helps)


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