HUGE TF SALE ON EBAY!!! (Armada, Energon, RID, 2007 Movie, Cybertron, and Animated!)

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    Hi, I'm in sort of a financial struggle and need to clean out my room and closet, which are full of nothing but old Transformers. These will be sold on eBay. My eBay seller name is Optimus423. I'm going to list items on here that you can expect to find on eBay. Most of these are opened and many of them may have some missing parts like missiles or guns. Many of the newer toys may still have their original packaging and instructions. If you need instructions for any TF that doesn't have them, I will print them off for you. I'm sorry but I can only ship within the US only.

    Click on the links for their ebay listings!

    -Universe/Classics 2.0-
    Armada Series Hot Shot with Jolt (100% complete with package and instructions!)

    -Animated- (all of them are 100% complete with original box and instructions)
    McDonald Happy Meal Autobot Ratchet (loose)
    Roll Out Command Optimus Prime
    Deluxe Bumblebee
    Deluxe Lockdown
    Deluxe Autobot Ratchet
    Voyager Bulkhead
    Voyager Lugnut

    -2007 Movie-
    Legends Optimus Prime
    Target Ex. Premium Series Voyager Deep Space Starscrem (MISB)
    Target Ex. Allspark Power Deluxe Bumblebee (round robot packaging - MISB)
    Target Ex. Allspark Power Deluxe Jazz (round robot packaging - MISB)
    Target Ex. Allspark Power Deluxe Brawl (round robot packaging - MISB)
    Toys R Us Ex. Allspark Power Ultra Wingblade (MIB)
    Deluxe Decepticon Brawl (100% complete)
    Ultimate Bumblebee (missing missile)
    Deluxe Protoform Starscream (missing missile)

    Wal-Mart Ex. Decepticon Rumble (Honda Civic - 100% complete)

    Voyager Leobreaker (100% complete)
    Voyager Soundwave (100% complete)
    Supreme Starscream (may be missing his missile and crown)
    Deluxe Demolishor (100% complete)
    Deluxe Skywarp (may be missing his missile)
    Voyager Evac (missing missiles and helicopter blades)
    Scout Scattorshot (100% complete)

    Supreme Omega Supreme (100% complete)
    Voyager Jetfire (no gun, missile)
    Voyager Ironhide (no missile)
    Voyager Cliffjumper (no missiles)
    Ultra Wing Saber (no missiles)
    Deluxe Hot Shot (no gun or missile)
    Deluxe Rapid Run (one minicon)
    Deluxe Storm Jet (Superion Maximus head/torso) [100% complete]
    Scout Battle Ravage (no energon star, attachments, or rear feet)
    Scout Arcee (100% complete)
    Scout Offshoot (100% complete)
    Ultra Landmine (no missile)
    Leader Megatron (missing sword and missle)

    Jetfire (missing missiles)
    Megatron (missing missiles - modified with paint to look like he's rusting)
    Galvatron (missing 2 missiles, still has main cannon missile)
    Thundercracker (missing missiles)
    Sideways (missing missiles and minicons)
    Blurr (missing missiles)
    Sideswipe (100% complete)
    Thrust (100% complete)
    Wheeljack (no mini-con or missiles
    Supreme Unicron (no mini-con, missing 1 of his 6 missiles)

    -RID (Robots in Disguise)-
    Toys R Us Ex. Scourge with tanker trailer (missing sword, missiles, and 2 of 6 discs)
    Ruination Combiner Rotor (100% complete)
    Railracer Combiner Railspike (100% complete)
    Railracer Combiner Rapid Run (missing weapon and train coupler)
    Railracer Combiner Midnight Express (missing weapon/train coupler)

    NOTE: These will be up on ebay within a couple of weeks or so. When these go up, I will post links on each of the items. If you're interested in buying any of these before they go up on ebay, please PM me. In the mean time, thank you for your time looking over this great selection.

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