HUGE G1 Transformers & weapons trade & want lists

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    May 30, 2004
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    I have gotten in allot of new items lately and have a ton of G1 Transformers figures and other 70s & 80s figures & accessories to trade. I have stuff from Super Powers, Robotech, Secret Wars, MOTU Star Wars, GI Joe, Silverhawks, Thundercats and many others. Check out my full trade and want lists at PM or email me if you want to make a deal.


    G1 Figures:
    Optimus Prime missing fists, blaster, nozzle, hose & missiles
    Warpath complete
    Hound no accessories, 1 mirror broken
    Wheeljack missing 1 spoiler , 1 wing
    Devestator missing head, right fist, Hook green gun, Mixmaster blaster, Scavenger rotor blade
    Soundwave complete
    Frenzy no accessories
    Laserbeak no weapons
    Buzzsaw complete
    Ravage complete
    Bombshell no rifle
    Kickback no rifle
    Chop Shop no accessories
    Chop Shop complete
    Blitzwing no accessories
    Camshaft missing 1 missile
    Mixmaster no accessories
    Mixmaster has pistol
    Hook no accessories
    Bonecrusher (2) no accessories
    Longhaul with gun
    Scavenger with launcher, pistol
    Scrapper with pistol, canopy
    Onslaught no accessories
    Swindle missing hand gun
    Motormaster no accessories
    Deadend no accessories
    Silverbolt has ramp
    Hot Spot no accessories
    Twin Twist (2) no rifle
    Topspin complete
    Topspin no rifle
    Sparkstalker complete
    Blaster complete
    Scourge no accessories
    Duocon Flywheels missing blaster
    Duocon Battletrap missing blaster
    Goldbug complete
    Wideload complete
    Searchlight complete
    Sixshot complete
    Sureshot complete
    Hardhead missing 1 rifle
    Scorponok no accessories
    Scorponok missing Zarak, 1 duel laser, Fasttrack arms (2), Fastrack gun (2), radar dish (4)
    Quickswitch missing 2 rifles
    Pretender Waverider shell only
    Micromaster Transport Erector complete
    Micromaster Race Car Patrol Swindler
    Micromaster Air Strike Patrol Storm Cloud

    Parts Bots
    Hoist parts bot - body only
    Prowl parts bot - body only
    Downshift yellowed - no accessories
    Sykwarp has only right wing & verticle fins
    Skywarp (body only)
    Slag no accessories, missing 1 gold back piece
    Shrapnel no rifle, missing 1 yellow wheel arm
    Soundwave Cassette Man parts bot
    Laserbeak no weapons, missing head
    Omega Supreme (2) tank only, turret broken off
    Hot Spot parts bot
    Hook purple & yellow version parts bot
    Silverbolt no accessories, missing 1 leg
    Grooves no accessories, yellowed
    Wreckgar no accessories, wheel rubber missing
    Rodimus Prime cab section only
    Predacon Razorclaw no accessories, end of 1 missile broken off
    Predacon Tantrum figure only, neck piece broken

    G2 Ransack missing nose, propeller

    Transformers Armada Rook Mini-con
    Transformers Armada Crosswise Mini-con

    G1 Parts & Accessories:
    Hot Rod rifle
    Optimus Prime gas pump
    Sideswipe missile
    Grimlock blaster
    Camshaft neutron blaster
    Slag electron blaster, missile
    Sludge rifle
    Shrapnel blaster
    Inferno/Grapple missile
    Trailbreaker fist (2), missile (2), twin missile, radar scanner
    Bruticus grey feet (L&R)
    Galvatron rifle
    Ravage rocket (has chrome wear)
    Sideswipe missile
    Thundercracker wings (2), rear wings (2), fists (2), launcher (2), large missile (2), front wheel
    Skydive hand gun
    Omega Supreme foot, rocket arm, backpack, armour half A B C D, Ankle E F G H, Track I (2) J K L M
    Trypticon double radar dish
    Apeface shield
    Fastlane rifle
    G2 Lasercycles Roadpig hand & weapon

    Brawl unused sticker sheet

    Other Items:
    Transformers Find Your Fate Book #1 The Dinobots Strike Back

    WANTED Must be complete or near complete

    G1 Figures:
    Red Cliffjumper
    Barrage Insecticon figure only
    Rampage Predacon need figure & fist only
    Headstrong Predacon need figure only
    Wildrider Stunticon

    Throttlebot Rollbar
    Overkill cassette (need figure only)
    Squalktalk & Beastbox cassettes
    Snapdragon Horrorcon
    Highbrow Headmaster
    Weirdwolf Headmaster
    Misfire Targetmaster
    Slugslinger Targetmaster
    Hotrod Targetmaster
    Cyclonus Targetmaster
    Scourge Targetmaster
    Fortress Maximus

    Cindersaur Firecon
    Flamefeather Firecon
    Fizzle Sparkabot
    Override Triggerbot
    Dogfight Triggerbot
    Windsweeper Triggercon
    Crankcase Triggercon
    Scoop Targetmaster
    Landfill Targetmaster
    Quake Targetmaster
    Spinster Targetmaster
    Needlenose Targetmaster
    Hosehead Headmaster
    Siren Headmaster
    Fangry Headmaster (have rifle)
    Squeezeplay Headmaster
    Getaway Powermaster (have rifle)
    Slapdash Powermaster
    Doubledealer Powermaster
    Cloudburst Pretender
    SkullGrin Pretender
    Submarauder Pretender
    Groundbreaker Pretender
    Sky High Pretender
    Spashdown Pretender
    Iguanus Pretender (have robot)
    Bugly Pretender
    Finback Pretender
    Chainclaw Pretender Beast
    Catilla Pretender Beast
    Carnivac Pretender Beast
    Snarler Pretender Beast
    Roadgrabber Pretender Vehicle

    I am also looking for most other G1 Transformers from 1989 and up

    G1 Parts & Accessories:
    Skywarp 1 small missile
    Mirage launcher
    Ratchet red gun post
    Jetfire right leg clip
    Onslaught left foot (light silver)
    Razorclaw blaster
    Tantrum sword, gun (1)
    Omega Supreme small yellow clip (1)
    Metroplex Scamper left arm & gun
    Trypticon Full Tilt gun, single radar dish
    Scorponok Fast Track left arm, radar dish 2 & 3 (I have the TV & robot head ones)
    Apeface rifle
    Horri-Bull rifle
    Seacon black stand connector piece
    Dreadwing Hi Test, gun (2)
    Quickswitch rifle (2)
    Grandslam rocket (2)
    Raindance rocket (2)
    Pincer Pretender stun rifle, left claw arm
    Waverider Pretender axe
    Gunrunner Pretender plasma missile
    Nightbeat Headmaster photon pistol, Muzzle
    Quake Targetmaster cannon, Heater, Tiptop
    Quickmix Targetmaster Boomer
    Micromaster Countdown scout vehicle, radar, Lunar Rover
    Micromaster Flattop gun (2), Micromaster jet
    Micromaster Ironworks missile
    Micromaster Metro Squad Oiler & Slide
    Micromaster Astro Squad Phaser & Blast Master
    Micromaster Air Strike Patrol Tailwind, Wisper

    Iguanus shell, large gun, small gun, belt
    Doubledealer Skar, Knok, chestplate, missile
    Skyhammer missile (2), visor, wing laser, robot, canopy
    Skystalker micromaster car, jet pod, duel laser & connector, large laser (2), small laser (2), ramp (2)
  2. wheeljaxx

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    Jul 1, 2002
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    i've got a 100% complete misfire with targetmaster.

    what i need, you don't seem to have

    ultramagnus: launcher, 1 misile, left big fist, chest piece.
    Ramjet: 1 rear tail fin, landing gear
    Ratbat: complete
    grimlock: Sword
    Diaclone sunstreaker: red thrusters

    I also have a 100% complete slugslinger that i wanted to hold onto, but if the price is right, i'd be willing to part
  3. 10incher

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    May 30, 2004
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    Would you sell the complete Misfire? What shape is he in? Send me an email or a PM.
  4. megamus

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    Feb 28, 2003
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    I have the following:
    Quake purple nebulon
    Flattop 1 gun
    Quickswitch left gun
    Scamper left arm
    Tantrum gun
    Ratchet red peg
    Mirage launcher
    I am interested in a few things
    give me a pm
  5. wheeljaxx

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    Jul 1, 2002
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    i'm interested in the fastrack arms? how much to buy?