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    May 30, 2004
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    I have a ton of G1 stuff to trade, visit for my want and full trade list (including other vintage figure lines). I will also trade these for certain other figure line items off my want list.

    I am also looking for any items from Lords of Light, Other World, Fantasy World, Dune, Indiana Jones, Dragonriders of the Styx, Power Lords, Blackstar, Conan (Remco) Megos & Shogun Warriors. I am also looking for any complete 1970s Mego Micronauts.


    Optimus Prime missing fists, blaster, nozzle, hose & 3 missiles
    Warpath complete
    Hound no accessories, 1 mirror broken
    Wheeljack missing 1 spoiler , 1 wing
    Devestator missing head, right fist, Hook green gun, Mixmaster blaster, Scavenger rotor blade
    Astrotrain (missing right locomotive wheel flap) no rifle
    Soundwave complete
    Frenzy no accessories
    Laserbeak no weapons
    Buzzsaw complete
    Ravage complete
    Bombshell no rifle
    Kickback no rifle
    Chop Shop no accessories
    Chop Shop complete
    Blitzwing no accessories
    Camshaft missing 1 missile
    Mixmaster no accessories
    Mixmaster has pistol
    Bonecrusher (2) no accessories
    Scavenger with launcher, pistol
    Onslaught no accessories
    Swindle missing hand gun
    Vortex no accessories
    Blast Off (missing top fin) no accessories
    Motormaster no accessories
    Deadend no accessories
    Dragstrip no accessories
    Silverbolt has ramp
    Afterburner no accessories
    Lightspeed no accessories
    Strafe no accessories
    Nautilator no accessories
    Tentakil no accessories
    Snaptrap no accessories
    Hot Spot no accessories
    Cutthroat no accessories
    Twin Twist (2) no rifle
    Topspin complete
    Topspin no rifle
    Sparkstalker complete
    Blaster complete
    Eject no weapons
    Scourge no accessories
    Blurr no accessories
    Springer (missing left tail piece) no accessories
    Rodimus Prime cab section only
    Duocon Flywheels missing blaster
    Duocon Battletrap missing blaster
    Cloudraker no accessories
    Goldbug complete
    Wideload complete
    Searchlight complete
    Sixshot complete
    Sureshot complete
    Scorponok no accessories
    Scorponok missing Zarak, 1 duel laser, Fasttrack arms (2), Fastrack gun (2), radar dish (4)
    Quickswitch missing 2 rifles
    Doubledealer no accessories
    Powermaster Dreadwind missing accessories
    Powermaster Darkwing missing accessories
    Pretender Bomburst has robot, belt
    Pretender Waverider shell only
    Micromaster Transport Erector complete
    Micromaster Flattop missing gun (2), Micromaster jet
    Micromaster Race Car Patrol Swindler
    Micromaster Air Strike Patrol Storm Cloud

    Hoist parts bot - body only
    Prowl parts bot - body only
    Downshift yellowed - no accessories
    Sykwarp has only right wing & verticle fins
    Skywarp (body only)
    Slag no accessories, missing 1 gold back piece
    Shrapnel no rifle, missing 1 yellow wheel arm
    Soundwave Cassette Man parts bot
    Laserbeak no weapons, missing head
    Lightspeed missing nose piece
    Afterburner has chewed frond axle
    Omega Supreme (2) tank only, turret broken off
    Hot Spot parts bot
    Hook parts bot
    Hook purple & yellow version parts bot
    Silverbolt no accessories, missing 1 leg
    Grooves no accessories, yellowed
    Wreckgar no accessories, wheel rubber missing
    Predacon Razorclaw no accessories, end of 1 missile broken off
    Predacon Tantrum figure only, neck piece broken
    G2 Ransack missing nose, propeller

    Transformers Armada Rook Mini-con
    Transformers Armada Crosswise Mini-con

    Vintage Parts & Accessories:
    Hot Rod rifle
    Optimus Prime gas pump
    Grimlock blaster
    Camshaft neutron blaster
    Slag electron blaster, missile
    Inferno/Grapple missile
    Trailbreaker fist (2), missile (2), twin missile, radar scanner
    Bruticus grey feet (L&R)
    Galvatron rifle
    Gnaw left arm
    Thundercracker wings (2), rear wings (2), fists (2), launcher (2), large missile (2), small missile (1), front wheel
    Skydive hand gun
    Scourge Targetmaster Fracas
    Omega Supreme foot, rocket arm, backpack, armour half A B C D, Ankle E F G H, Track I (2) J K L M
    Trypticon double radar dish
    Apeface shield
    Piranacon head
    Hun-Grr rifle
    Fastlane rifle
    Rad Lionizer*
    G2 Vortex canon
    G2 Lasercycles Roadpig hand & weapon

    Brawl unused sticker sheet