huge g1 sale of lots plus war planets, animated, armada random

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    *** EDIT ***

    Soundwave lot SOLD!
    Computron, Galv, Action Masters have also been asked about.
    If I haven't replied individually I apologize but the thing where you have to wait a minute between sends kind of sucks.

    *** end edit ***

    I have sorted the G1s to be sold into lots that I think will fit well in small, medium, or large USPS flat rate boxes. I'm going to try to keep the lots together. If you need any information about condition just let me know. Overall things are in played with condition and may be really loose (like Wreck-Gar) or may be in perfect like new condition (like Rewind).

    Lots come with what you see - no more no less!!!
    shipping cost additional to items' cost
    Must agree to paypal sent as gift w/no fee.

    Protectobots $40

    Minobots including red bumblebee $60

    Soundwave and a bunch of tapes $60 SOLD

    Decepticon lot Bludgeon Thrust Needlenose etc. $70

    Autobots lot including Whirl $50

    More Autobots and also Dinobots $40

    More Autobots $40

    Insecticons - Venom is in nice shape. Ransack somewhat broken. $35

    Later G1 Autobots $80

    Later G1 Decepticons $80

    Technobots (no Afterburner, but do have his tech spec. Lightspeed front missing. see pic) $45

    Action Masters lot $35

    Abominus Terrorcons $90

    Leftover Terrorcons $50

    Decoys and mini spies lot $40

    Armada Powerlinx Cyclonus MISB $12

    War Planets lot $30

    Activators $12