Customs: How to remove kibble on studio series Shatter?

Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by stephenotes88, Jan 2, 2020.

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    Trying to find a way to remove the shin kibble on SS car Shatter, and also the thigh pieces.

    I saw a really dope custom on ig and wanna do something similar.

    I'd first have to remove the doors on her thighs, but they don't want to budge and I'd rather not break it off in an awkward way. I could try cutting the doors off but I still want to be able to remove the hinge. Is there a certain angle it has to be pulled out from? And I'm using hot water to soften the plastic too.

    Also need to remove the kibble pieces on the inner shins.
    20200102_053747.jpg 20200102_053800.jpg

    The kibble is attached to the shin by some pegs and also a capped pin in the knee. The wheel assembly is also attached to the kibble so I'd have to cut them apart to keep the wheel attached to the leg and the kibble to the new "wing". So not exactly sure how to go about that. I could try cutting through those pegs with a saw but I may need to keep one of the pegs intact to hold the wheel in place.
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    Youll have to remove the knee pin first from what i can see