Introductory: How-To Paint Clear Parts

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    How-To Paint Clear Parts

    Credit for this goes to Chaos Convoy:

    Here's a way to make an easy clear paint that I just used on an Energon Insecticon to turn the Energon weapons clear orange.

    Things you'll need:
    Future Floor Finish
    Magic markers (water-based. Like Crayola washable markers)
    or Permanent markers (Sharpies and the like)

    Now, what I did was I colored the plastic parts with the marker. You know, like coloring a picture or something like that. When I got the ink into all the parts I could, I took a little bit of the Future Floor Finish and brushed it on the parts that I'd colored with the magic marker. Being that the floor finish is acrylic and therefore water-based, it easily dissolves the magic marker and keeps its clearness.

    With permanent markers, just do the same thing. But be expecting slightly different results, as it doesn't dissolve nearly as well in the floor finish, nor does it end up as transparent.

    Another way to do it is to pour some floor finish into a small container, take the guts out of the marker (you know, the big cloth "core" of the thing where all the ink is stored) and let it soak in the floor finish for a bit. That way you have a ready supply of whatever color transparent "paint" on hand whenever you need it.

    There's no real need for a seperate clear coat when using this method (although, you probably could. Don't see why not) and, if the marker's diluted enough by the floor finish and some water, it'll look perfectly smooth with no streaks. On small things, at least. I haven't tried this method on big surfaces such as Alternator windshields and such.

    This should go without saying, but I'm gonna say it anyway -- this is transparent paint. Whatever color's underneath might show through at least a little bit. Sometimes it won't, sometimes it will. If you can, paint every surface of the part in the color you're trying to turn it into.

    So far I've used this technique to make blue and purple Scrapmetals (used it on the cockpits, swords and eyes), make Classics Megatron's eyes red, make one of my extra G1 Prime's windshield blue and make the aforementioned E Insecticon's Energon bits orange to make a custom Forest Type Chromehorn.
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