By Generation: How to Give RotF Leader Megs a Transformable Murder Arm

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    Howdy, kids. As you may know, Hasbro kind of dropped the ball on Leader Megs by giving him a giant arm and a tiny arm, making him look ridiculous. The goal of this tutorial is to fix half of the problem by allowing the "wing" section of Leader Megs' arm to fold in half, replicating his look in the movie and the Voyager-class mold as well.

    So, let's begin. Here's what you'll need:

    - RotF Leader Megatron:


    - A pair of hinged plastic pieces (I used the knee joints from a Deluxe class Mudflap):


    - Some way to cut and trim plastic (I used a soldering iron with flat wood carving attachment and an XACTO knife)

    - Steady hands

    - Some kind of adhesive (I use Gel Super Glue and hot glue)

    And now the fun part: how to make the murder arm!

    - Remove the "wing" section from the folding sword-part of the arm. Do this by removing the four screws holding it in place. Discard screws; you won't use them again:


    - Cut the wing in half, right down the middle. Remove as much of the center kibble as possible so the insides are relatively smooth and flush:


    - On the sword part, you should see a flat area where the wing was with a pair of screw holes on the sides. Remove the screw holes so the sides are flat:


    - Secure your hinges to the flat piece such that they can move up and down with no restrictions.

    - Cut a groove in the wing pieces that allows the end of your hinge to sit in place. I recommend the second set of screw holes (i.e. the ones furthest away from the claw part) as the back side of the cut. Depending on the side of the piece you used, it should be about 1/16" wide and 1/4" deep. Cut to fit, but don't cut too deep or wide or you'll break through the surface of the wing:


    - Secure the wing pieces to the hinge joint. I used super glue and hot glue and it seems to be working pretty well.

    If you did it right, the wing pieces should be able to fold up and down with no problems, and close around the cannon.


    Pretty good, IMO :) 

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