Customs: How to get started ?

Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by RipCurl, Jul 23, 2010.

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    Ok , Not sure if this goes here. But I have never ever repainted a figure but it really interests me.

    So whats the basics I need to know.

    Lets say i Had a universe silverstreak , I wanted to repaint and for cheap. What would I need .

    Im 17 so I dont have the kind of money to go and buy an airbrush and such .

    Any help would be fantastic.

    Don't know if its worth noting but I live in the uk so alot of us shops we dont have here .

    thanks for any help
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    If you have a harbor freight tools in your area you can get a cheap airbrush around $7 I think when they're on sale:

    Search results for: 'air brush'

    The quality is not going to be great, but for that price if you can get 2-4 customs out of it, you'd probably get your money's worth. Of course that's contingent on you being able to borrow a compressor from someone, preferably with a good regulator and a water filter.

    If you want to go REAL cheap, Wal-Mart used to have some pretty cheap spray paint. The advantage to spraying on paint is you can go fairly thin, which can be a hard technique to master with a brush. I've used the cheap wal-mart paint in the past, and it takes a long time to fully cure. I'd recommend you disassemble the part, spray, and then let it sit a few days before adding touch ups or handling it. That's just my opinion.

    I've used everything from craft paints to testor's markers over the years. Unless you're planning on selling it as a commission which is unlikely for your first custom, you can use whatever you want. If it doesn't come out right, you can always sand and repaint later.

    And as long as it fully cures, even cheap paint can be covered with a clear coat to keep up durability.

    Of course for durability, nothing beats dying the plastic if you ask me, but having never done it personally, I'm told it takes practice and you can only dye to a darker color. If you don't know what you're doing, you can literally destroy a figure.