Customs: how to fix TR Scourge/highbrow TM socket.

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    *sorry if this has been posted before, i haven't been near custom projects for a while*

    since i took apart highbrow to see how the chest panel attached, i decided to see why the neck socket of highbrow was so wobbly. it turns out there is a tiny amount of free space inbetween the actual socket (tiny grey piece) and the body itself, along with the socket being slightly warped going outwards.

    i pressured the socket piece back inward, put it in the back of the body but not the front, lazerbond in between the body and socket, as well as the opposite side of the little nub that plugs in the titanmaster's head (that also was warped) with a few TM plug tests inbetween to be sure. it was successful, with no movement other than i make!

    also tested it with my junker TR scourge, but his was a bit more work than highbrow's. you have to knock the pins out of the wings before getting access to the upper screwslots (it was the easiest pin push ever, you just need a long thin metal object and push it upwards in robot mode/back in vehicle mode). not only is the socket warps outwards, but there is no platform under most of the socket either. i made a small bridge with the lazerbond as well as highbrow's instructions above. another success!

    i don't think i can post pics, due to my 3ds isn't cooperating with my house's lighting.....i'll try nonetheless! i hope this helps!
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    yep i did the same thing using bondic [same type of glue thing].
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