Introductory: How To Dye A Figure

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    How To Dye A Figure

    Credit for this goes to Ops_Was_A_Truck:

    When Daniel said, in Transformers: The Movie, “Prime, you can’t die,” he was partially right. If he had said “Prime, you can’t dye your metal parts and your plastic parts can only be dyed to a shade of color darker than your current color scheme!” He would have been spot on.

    I haven’t done many dying projects, so a lot of this knowledge is pooled from the multiple threads on the subject here at Radicon’s. Before you start, check out these links:

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    I AM MEGATRON pleasure model

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    Re: Dyeing Figures

    Being that a lot of questions have been asked . . . about dyeing, there's one important point that I've come across that I think could probably be put up for those interested. It involves RIT dye and acrylic paints.

    While REDLINE in his last post suggested leaving the dyed pieces for 24 hours before painting, I would suggest instead after 24 hours, they be re-rinsed, and rub-checked (i.e. rub a piece of damp cloth over the parts to make sure that the dye isn't still active on the part surface).

    If the dye color does rub off on the cloth, rinse thoroughly and wipe until no more dye comes off on the cloth. Then wait more hours and apply paint.

    The reason for the extra caution came up from my experience of my WfC UM figure, where about 60% of the figure was dyed black using RIT black dye. I noticed that on using acrylic paints, the dye (even after a few days), would actually start dying the paint. I believe this is because the acrylic paints are water based, and any still active dye on the surface will simply mix and dye the paint (I went with about 10 coats on one piece, and every coat was dyed).

    I gave the parts about 3 or 4 days after the paint was dyed, and tried again (with the same acrylic paint). While it was definitely not as bad, over time I would see that the dye was being mixed in (although more diluted).

    On the pieces I took the precaution with, there was no extra dying. For the pieces that were continuously being dyed from beneath there was only one solution: I had to coat them with sealer layers which were enamels. This stopped any further propagation of the dye through the paint.

    It should be noted, though, that only one coat wasn't enough; this stuff was tough. For the pieces that had the sealer coat paint, I put those directly on the dyed part with only one coat. While the paint was perfect and unaffected by the dye on its own, I put a coat of Future over it; lo and behold, it started getting a purple tinge as it dried. This suggested to me that the acrylic Future floor polish dried mixed with some still active dye on the surface of the part, though not completely sealed by a single enamel coat.

    Also of note is that this didn't only happen for light colors. While white was the worst (obviously), it also occurred through blue and even silver paint. With these two latter colors which were applied thin single or at most double layers, the dye started coming to the surface once an acrylic sealer was sprayed on.

    Maybe this is common knowledge somewhere and I just had a run of bad luck, but I figured if it could help I might as well give it a try and put it out there. Thanks, and take care!
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    (original source translated in English here: Google Translate)

    If you've made it this far down the thread, then you'll be able to see that I'm currently in the process of adapting this tutorial for Radicons Customs Tutorials. Please be patient while this resourcing is done. ~Superquad7)

    Gashapon courses useless in the village

    Microman dye

    Let's build your own figures to tweak (^-^) Gashapon

    I also like getting Microman move came too (^-^)
    More than 30 places in the body moving parts, ♪ You can pose a variety of
    And now you can get prime field Materiarufosu the release of the variety of colors.

    In addition, by now that there can be some white in it prime field

    I'm the main K might want to try it myself since I saw the examples Microman's remodeling (^-^)

    It is a favorite color prime field "color" ☆ is

    Micro Man "Dye" For further information about me please refer to the main K is written, it's the site (^-^)

    (Mr. Main is a link manager is already accepted.)

    So through trial and error this time building up to something now "skin colored" I would like to introduce (^-^)

    A hint to be released April Materiarufosu flesh-colored?
    No problem (laughs)
    It is a benefit that can be dyed with the colors of their favorite
    The disadvantage is that it fails concave cost just minutes (^^;) 

    First, the easiest first "black" I tried to practice dyed (^-^)

    Try Rockman dyed black body.

    Washable paint color before all the drops.

    He has bought the same thing at Tokyu Hands dye is introduced in the main site I (^-^)

    This dye 1: 20 ratio of Thin water.

    Work procedures were performed with reference to dye the main site did.

    Hands, feet, remove the part of the shoulder,
    Ri Mimasu decomposed body in the dye pot

    Even black plastic rubber also染Me上Garimashita Epopate (^-^)

    painted gray armor finish

    Prime field then dyed with dye I noticed no one here is good paint color.

    Tron is imbued with images of black dye on the armor is painted gray chest, now quite dark.

    Me Geru plastic dye penetration condition is strong and
    If you painted a white color is thought to be imbued with a black mouse.
    The same was painted over several times.

    That is its problem that affected the color of dye dyed dyed and painted later.

    Reconstruction is advisable for you now please do dye sufficient to consider the point.
    For example, when making prime field with dyed Kamen Rider black
    Lateral line can be drawn in white.
    I put a seal cutting, I have to settle for a gray line (^^;) 

    For decomposable prime field could be better to try different parts, so each can Me Ke (^-^)

    Then, following the "skin" ☆ dyed advances the story

    Acrylic resin is a liquid dye that

    11 The number of 11 different colors (black rat brown peach green purple red orange yellow blue sky) but no,
    No skin (^^;) 
    If mixing is assumed dying.

    One day, those Orimashita skin is dyed with a dye for clothing in some micro-man board.

    Not many types of garment colors, I decided to try it right away is close to the skin color (^-^)

    400 I bought a sewing corner of the Peach Tokyu Hands (400 yen)

    create a dye powder, so melt water

    The results failed (^^;) 

    I think you need to understand and looking good
    Shoulders, chest, abdomen, and orange parts of the waist and gloom (sweat)

    Cause of the failure Tekito Dattari dilute concentration,
    I can not pass it and no混Zenakya salt
    The problem has gone about my (^^;) 

    But the wrist was stained with blood as part of cool (^-^)
    Polycarbonate material is not,
    Soft rubber (styrene elastomer) may be because it was.

    Challenge is to continue Despite the failure of the skin dyed so (laughs)

    This time came to buy a liquid acrylic dyes (^-^)
    Mix pink and yellow skin (orange) ☆ create a color close to
    Amount as described in (1 dye: 20 water) because I dyed it orange,
    Thin to about half.

    Dye working conditions (laughs)
    1 pink: pink, so I put a Lot of feeling somehow get stronger and yellow color is yellow mixing ratio of 1.

    100 Pan, measuring cup, washing nets Emashita 100 yen shop.
    (I do work in the kitchen hall sweat and offline meetings remodeling Gashapon)

    Please observe the proper temperature dyeing process and is written using the dye containers.
    (^^;)  Bubbly boil That is out
    Will be transformed from part (sorry!)
    While watching the experiment with dyed plastic board try to adjust the density and color.
    Is, after all, I'd need to dye stained Materiarufosu condition actually did understand, the reality is that (^^;) 

    dyed skin Materiarufosu

    Parts are disassembled parts of dye, and imbue every creature.

    First failure (sweat) pickling time is 3 minutes.

    (^^;)  Become uneven
    The cause is still a prime field from dyed and stained with dye powder gloom (lol;) 

    more successful pickling time is 2 minutes.

    Gradient is a good feeling now that I dyed a subtle deep end a bit part (^-^)
    Cleavage only remain absolutely white.
    Hey why would (^^;) 
    Oh, it's shank is defective in both the left leg (perspiration)

    Failures (left) and successes (right) comparisons.

    Because two-color mixing and uneven or not able to stir well and dye Ki Ze.

    So steeped in dye, and does not interfere with moving discolored but did not move any joint (^-^)

    Hours vary depending on the weather dipping to dye stain.

    I left it short and dyed a light time.
    Pickling time of 2 minutes 1 minute 40 seconds left on the right.
    How will you understand the difference between the colors?

    This is the case of liquid dye and hand parts (styrene elastomer) is a strong feeling I have become yellowish.

    45 45 seconds left. Dyed right two minutes.

    Powder dye from the left, liquid dye, and the original ones.
    Peach is a good wrist just like a powdered dye.

    Matefoshisuta hand parts of Dubbo part by the dye (convex part) to rise, they may no longer inserted into their arms.
    So it is better to fill the parts still dyed in the wrist holder.

    Materiarufosu elbows and knees inside the glue that has been painted out to prevent the pin
    I dyed it dark glue.

    Who care about it cause uneven dyeing and fine polish is scratched with sand paper before dropping dye V might be a better melt glue and paint thinner in color.
    With the thinner joints, however, recommended致Shimasen might break so much.

    Comparison of skin color and molding Microman Sakura.
    It is a bit more light skin color dyed prime field.

    Sakura and Chun-Li can not replace the standard hand parts of it changed the way the wrist and arm holes (^^;) 

    V prime field falls thinner thin dyed colors (sorry!)

    I tried it and was surprised inadvertently dropped what (^^;) 

    Can be part of this Me Ke.
    The gap down and dye it would be difficult joint (^^;) 
    Also, V thinner surface stroked Remasu Please note that some color.

    I just dyed black only mild left part of Chun-Li costume,
    Material in different parts of chest and shoulder parts, changed the way the weather-stained.

    If you are still part paint dye stain is difficult because it seems to be better down the paint.

    Also, the shoulders and skirt this (styrene elastomer) is attached to the painted surfaces of the other dye (^^;) 
    Setamashitara foot wearing a skirt,
    I gloom and stained molded rubber parts hips.
    (V Tosemasu thinner color)
    The polycarbonate is Kimasen.

    Styrene elastomer coating surface from above
    Dye may be best avoided (^^;) 
    Here is a styrene elastomer parts are molded of the wrist was fine.
    Perhaps it would be difficult to penetrate the paint color.

    What did you think (^-^)
    They've made many failed, and I believe I could do something good.

    Point to note is the concentration of dye,
    Thin minutes can retouch (^-^)
    If we fail darker colored by repeating the dyeing process in a short time, not suddenly think less time confit.

    Ultimately, I had to adjust the concentration of the dye, while prepared to weigh dropper, so it now can add dye diluted with water and watching the hateful stained condition, and can measure the exact amount the (^^;) 

    Advantages, disadvantages that by dyeing white elementary bodies are like each
    Can reduce the surplus parts can be replaced with new parts by the prime field.
    The skin is made even adjust the concentration of the dye color to match the color of the Gashapon replace.

    Joints were also wearing the color,
    Maybe the attraction of permanent dyes yet even that (^-^)

    Now try making your own original figures I suggest you also?

    SQ7 is working on contributing a better translation for you. :) 

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    May 19, 2003
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    Google Translate

    Today was a holiday from work tired this week it now deep sleep until 14:00.

    Thinking of what to do I woke up, and I bought an item before you can try out.

    Image 1
    Took out the milk pan, ladle net, thermometer .... Hiro apple blog or cooking changes to the content?

    Image 2
    No, I Microman. Plastic dye SDN. Try colored paint!
    If I wanted white or beige, red and blue colors most systems.
    I'm trying to turn the color of yellow Matefo Closeouts this woman.

    What color is closest to? I thought I bought the orange.
    I'd like to change the color product images were then infiltrated with plastic dyes have heard so plastic, I'd like to cover the principle of such thin film coating on the surface of the acrylic block and see a sample of store display .

    [Shop assistant film also does not fall after the top blew dye clear, [and with the erosion of coating and adhesive notes told me after I paint.

    Image 3
    Matefo divided women as much as possible parts first.

    Image 4
    The dye pot with water and seems to 20:1 ratio of mixing and mashing. Strong chemical smell pretty.
    The thing that originally thermometer thermometer immersion deaths have Always rough.

    Image 5

    The description of the package of dye, Matefo Polycarbonate material that is in [℃ 70 ± 3 ℃ 10 ~ I Murashii Special 5 minutes. Elastomer material of the same wrist in polycarbonate What should I write to no explanation?
    Bathing is turned around from degradation Matefo ℃ 70. Time is set to take the middle 04 minutes. We will adjust the heat with temperature control.

    Image 6

    Image 7
    Disconnect from the pot washing minutes and four parts.

    Image 8
    Line dry kind of taking part. In such a color has not changed much?

    Image 09
    Ieromatefo compared with the original colors and combine.
    Image 10

    Image 11
    Color has not changed too much.
    Dyeing temperature, time for commenting in such sense that no colored painted clear, changing the color of the ground it completely seems like a paint can.

    Man painting clear plastic micro Maybe effective.

    My intention, but I wanted to change the skin or the white and colored Ieromatefo out-of-kill.
    What a dye the resin into consideration the effects of plastic damage, and I paint better given the amount of time and thought.

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