How long after does rid15 take place after prime?

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    Yes, totally, irrelevant.

    I already said... Optimus goes through THREE different bodies between Prime and RID2015 and DIED while none of that ever happen in Rescue Bots, he always looks the same and is alive and well for that entire time.

    How is RB a flat nose while Prime is a long nose?

    How is RB flightless while Beast Hunters has wings?

    How is RB still alive while RID2015 is dead?

    How does RB have a removable trailer that has nothing to do with his robot mode while RID2015 has a trailer that literally is his legs.

    How does RB stay exactly the same for four seasons while Prime and RID2015 go through all these changes at the exact same time?

    How is it that Optimus, Bumblebee, and Sideswipe all know that Cybertron has been restored for YEARS and they never tell the Rescue Bots about it till Academy. Originally the Rescue Bots were trying to make Earth their new home because they couldn't go back to Cybertron but by season 3 Cybertron had been restored and the Rescue Bots were NEVER informed, they still thought Cybertron was uninhabitable and they needed to make Earth their new home. They weren't even given the option to go back to Cybertron if they wanted to. Rescue Bots Academy is the first time they're actually aware that Cybertron is habitable again, the first time they've had the ability to go back there even though it had been restored at least 3 years before they were finally told about it. Why they be left on Griffon Rock and not be given the option to go home if they wanted to for YEARS? Why would Optimus LIE TO THEM for YEARS making them think Cybertron was still uninhabitable when it wasn't? That's basically what has to happen for them to be in the same continuity is for the members of team Prime and team Bee to all be ASS HOLES that lie to their friends about the current state of their home planet.

    And? The fact that it takes place on an island means nothing and that's not even entirely true. Rescue Bots Academy was built on the main land, that's not on Griffon Rock. Anyway setting the series in a different location explains nothing. That's just setting it in a different location. Why would traveling from Nevada to Griffon Rock keep changing how Optimus looks? Heck half the time he doesn't even travel there, they video call him while he's still in Nevada. Is Optimus in the habit of completely changing his appearance just to answer the phone?

    The DC Super heroes are all based in different locations and still manage to interact with each other without breaking continuity.

    That was literally the ONLY attempt at trying to connect the shows and it failed because nothing else lines up. Sideswipe INVITED Blurr to join the Bee Team in that episode... And what happens when Blurr shows up on RID2015... Sideswipe tries to force him to leave totally contradicting himself in the other show. Not to mention that Blurr looks completely different between the two shows with a totally different design that looks nothing at all like he came from Rescue Bots.

    If they really wanted those shows to connect the characters need to actually look the same, keep a consistent character motivation, and then they will naturally fall in continuity without having to be told that these two completely different depictions of similar characters are some how suppose to be the same.

    Why does Sideswipe suddenly change from Blurr is my best friend to ugh I hate this guy between shows? It's never explained, it just happens because they're not the same.
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    Agree to disagree, neither of us are gonna to prove the other wrong.
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    In RBA, Grimlock mentions his events from RID2015

    What the heck, Hasbro..
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    I found this in another forum:

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