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    Robotkingdom is terrible. I have ordered and the takara transformers had a long mistake painting and mailed them to replace. They have not answered in 7 months. I mailed 100 times, no answer from them, because they do not want to replace the mistake one. Hands away from Robotkingdom.
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    ^ Not sure what long mistake painting means but I assume it was a paint defect from Takara.... I mean sure you could complain but I don't think anyone would really take notice seems mass produced figures are prone to sloppy paint apps.

    Now if it was an MP figure I would definitely see a reason to complain to RK and get annoyed that they don't care.

    I have used RK for about 8 years. I have also used BBTS and TFSource a fair bit and Robotoybase (Chimungmung) so I am by no means a RK fanboy.

    But from MY experience they have always promptly replied to my emails (including simple queries) AND assisted with parts replacements. My TFC Ares Aethon came with 2 left horns. I emailed them and they shipped the replacement horns with my next order.

    My recent order which arrived yesterday was for over $1200 in Figures.

    PX Mors was out of stock at the time they went to process my order and they emailed me to apologize and advise that he would be restocked the following week. They offered to change my shipping from normal airmail to EMS free of charge. I then contacted them and asked to add to my order and have it all shipped together which they also did. Came in a enormous box filled with foam padding with all the content neatly packed inside. And yes I got a crap load of DOTM cards and the folder thrown in :lol 

    As for the guy that was complaining about the weird login (username + Email + password), ummm what are you talking about? The RK site I have been using for the last 8 years (before and after the site revamp) has only EVER asked for email and password.... You might want to check you are using the same RK site everyone else is using.