How do I mark a news thread as "offensive"? )and ask for it to be edited /removed"?

Discussion in 'TFW2005 Tech Support' started by primalxconvoy, Dec 17, 2016.

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    Sep 20, 2015
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    Today, a mod removed my posts concerning this news thread:

    - Til All Are One issue 6 retailer incentive cover - Transformers News - TFW2005

    Posters, including, but not only myself, discussed the possible sexist/sexual depitation of women in the picture. However, a mod removed my posts regarding this. My questions are:

    - If the posts were removed due to possible offense, then perhaps it is right for this site to remove what could be seen as sexist depictations of women/females from the news thread (or at least edit it behind a spoiler tag, with a warning as to the content)? I think that this was a similar technique used by TF sites when "Kiss Players" content was in the news.

    - Is there a way, going forward, regardless of my requests, that the site can display such content, with due dilligent messages/spoiler tags, etc to respect everyone? Perhaps a "NSFW", or slightly tamer tag, or some other solution?

    - If it were possible, or if any user had a problem with any content at the site, regardles sof this situation, then what is the proceedure to "flag" a news post/official site content?

    - Is this the right thread to discuss site-based problems, such as the one above?

    Thanks for your time.